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Jamin P Rose

I write fetish clopfics and other things. Commissions: Not Open, working on existing commissions.

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You need do to more of this

That is a lot of downvotes.

Eh, some people don't like fetish fics and feel they have to express their displeasure.

Thank you, I appreciate it. Not enough people have that kind of mentality.

I see. I've generally operated on the policy of reading a story before making my mind up.

It's always nice to find a good watersports story without scat (not my fetish). :twilightsmile:

We're not getting a second chapter with Storm King? Awww.

Great story. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder what the random storm soldier that's using the fire hose, to hose down Twilight and her cage will think of the smells and fluids.

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