• Published 3rd Mar 2019
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Discord the Critic - MetalBrony20

When Fluttershy tells Discord to get a job, she couldn't have know what sort of consequences would occur as a result.

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It had been just over a year since Fluttershy’s failed confrontation of Discord. In that time, a good many things had changed. Firstly, every mare, stallion, filly and colt were reduced to walking, and often immobile blobs of equine lard. Since Fluttershy had told Discord of the influencing properties his reviews had, he could assume that he had imparted some chaos magic into the words he wrote from his passion of eating. As such, by focusing on putting the magic into it instead of being accidentally putting it on, the potency of each review became more powerful. Each letter of every word seemed to grip at the mind of everyone who read or head them. As such, the lowest weight of a mare these days easily exceeded a quarter of a tonne, and that was those individuals determined to resist the grip of food the longest. The vast majority were even larger, the average being a good thousand pounds, reducing most of everyone to jiggling, immobile blobs.

Since then, leaps and bounds had been made in personal mobility devices. For unicorns, large padded carts with a crystal to act as a focus for their magic allowed for them to continue to go out, only for them to mostly end up in the vast array of eateries that had sprung up since the whole fiasco occurred. For non-magic channelling species, mobility scooters had been made, which were already becoming too small for the majority of creatures, as even plots of fillies and colts overwhelmed the seats.

Consequently, more ponies were becoming house and bed bound now, any sort of labour now inconceivable. Fortunately, new food delivery systems were in place, which were in turn facilitated by the slimmer members of the populous, or by simply having the meal teleported into the house. One such device created magical hands which brought food to the waiting mouth of the helplessly immobile pony, stuffing them ever further into obesity. In fact, to help with feeding the population, Discord had set up means to feed everypony. Crops were grown, maintained and harvested automatically. Food was prepared and cooked to perfection. In fact, he created lots of his own concoction’s out of thin air, creating flank swelling recipes guaranteed to pack on the pounds.

Discord also found that he could influence ponies and indeed other creatures habits by adding suggestions into his words. He used then used this to ‘prank’ certain individuals, those mainly being the individuals in Twilight Sparkle’s group, whom he sent letters to with food reviews with added ‘suggestions’. As a result, the lives of those he chose to influence became rather, altered, to say the least.

Rarity, once a mare of sophistication and class, always keeping her standards for cleanliness high and manner’s higher, was now what could be described as a pig in an obese ponies body. She sounded like Rarity, talked like Rarity, but her attitude and mannerisms were completely different. Her once model thin body was buried under a pile of undulating white flab. Sweat poured off the rolls of her belly, now larger in width and height than her old bed. Her ass, once toned, were now cellulite pocked, with great folds turning a once firm pair of buns into a mound of sagging, wobbling flesh, that shook wildly as she let loose deafening farts. The once prim and proper mare’s form had been altered to that which wouldn’t look out of place as a circus sideshow. A veritable mountain of discarded ice cream cartons lay about her, the contents of which had all found their way into the mountainous slob, growing ever lardier with each gallon of the creamy dairy products she stuffed past her flabby cheeks.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash, two pinnacles of fitness, had been reduced to lazy blobs. Discord had certainly made sure in the letters he sent to them to turn them into unaspiring, unmotivated lard asses, with food being the only thing that got their attention. And it worked. Rainbow Dash, the aspiring Wonderbolt, was now as large as a cloud, and as soft as one too, though she weighed so much more. Humorously, she was wearing her Wonderbolts uniform, a much larger and more stretchy one that had been developed when the team began to slowly pack on the pounds. Now, even with the elasticity, it was riddled with rips and tears, her cyan blue flesh oozing through the holes like syrup. In her mind, she was still a Wonderbolt, despite the fact that she hadn’t moved in half a year, and her wings were almost entirely buried by thick waves of back fat. Even now, she was looking across at her Young Fliers trophy on a shelf facing her, as she stuffed a strawberry glazed doughnut into her mouth, her jowls wobbling as couple hundred or so calories filled her stomach. As she swallowed, a couple of new tears formed in the fabric, letting more blubber squeeze it’s way out of the tight confines.

Applejack was currently lying inside of the barn, now renovated for her comfort. Her great bulk stretched a good distance across the floor, squashing into the padded floor like a great orange jelly. Behind her, her plot and applebucking thighs had taken a good amount of the weight, almost disproportionally so. They had inflated into vaguely oval shaped masses, each cheek a cascade of rolls and folds, larger then a bouncy castle, and just as bouncy themselves. As such, her cutie marks were stretched into rough apple shapes, unable to maintain their shape on the vast canvas her ass had blew up into. Her tail was almost comically small in comparison to the veritable hills it perched on. Humorously, her face cheeks had also been bloated to ridiculous sizes, the sheer bulk of them sagging heavily onto her wide, tyre like neck roll. Her legs were both raised off the ground, her belly acting as a bed below her, resulting in her having to rest her rotund forelegs onto a belly roll. Currently, she was having a large lunch with Applebloom, the two being stuffed to the gills.

The young apple hadn’t been spared from the grip of addiction, having blown up into a blob in of herself, though she couldn’t hold a candle to Applejack’s size. Her fat was rather more proportionate, depositing equally across her plush frame, though it was putting in a good effort to immobilise her for good, seeing as her mass oozed from her mobility scooter, filling the foot well and squishing around the tiller. No words were spoken between the siblings, except sweet, apple scented belches that erupted between dishes of traditional Apple family recipes, altered with the addition of more sugar and some of Discords special weight gain formula. As the two stuffed more apple related sweets into their gobs, a low groan could be heard as the suspension struggled to take the weight of both the underweight filly and her gradually increasing bulk.

Speaking of gradually increasing bulk, Pinkie Pie had been one such individual to become hopelessly pulled in by the grip of food. Even before Discord had become a critic, she would look at food reviews for ideas for what crazy new recipes she could whip up. As such, she had been reading his work from day one, and had produced a very pronounced exposure to Discords magic. Out of the elements, she was one of the largest. Living in a bakery would do that, as she stuffed cakes and pastries into her mouth with abandon. A smile was still plastered onto her face, causing her jowls and cheeks to squish up. She was happy, even in her immobile state, as more desserts were lifted to her mouth by the magic hands, depositing eclairs swollen with cream into her awaiting mouth. Her face was a veritable beard of stains and globs of food, most prominently being cream and chocolate, though a myriad of bright frosting and icing was splatted all along her face and chest, as she buried her head into a purple triple tiered cake that was held just in front of her face. Deep moans and slurping emanating as she quickly made a head sized hole in the culinary master piece, her cart sized belly swelling ever larger with each mouthful.

Next to Twilight, however, Pinkie was like a sea, in comparison the ocean of lard that was Twilight. The Alicorn had received multiple letters from Discord, all with the singular purpose in mind, to turn the thin, lanky princess into one of the fattest creatures in the land. And it worked. She was the largest in Ponyville, certainly, and probably the largest in the area. Discords magic had fully embedded a gluttonous, hedonistic lifestyle into the Princess, as her form was utterly engulfed in loose, wobbling flesh. Getting any words out of her other than gaseous expulsions and moans of pleasure was nigh impossible, her mouth always seeming to be wrapped around some calorie laden product, swelling her room filling girth ever wider. Her body seemingly developed more rolls and folds with each passing hour, sagging down and creating a cascade of fatty lavender flesh. Her prison of blubber kept expanding, becoming more whale like in size as her mind grew ever duller, with simple commands to grab more food and eat said food being the only thing to flick through her brain. She wasn’t, however, the only resident of the castle to be effected. Spike had read out the letters to Twilight, and as a result, he too was in the throes of morbid obesity.

He was never a thin dragon, always having a small pot belly. But he looked anorexic compared to the dollop of lard and scales that inhabited his room. Due to his draconic nature, the lard had piled onto him in different ways compared to equines. His belly had taken a good amount of pudge, creating a green rolled anchor of fat the size of a king sized bed. Spikes scales were struggling to stay on his form, the rapid expansion of his body forcing them apart, revealing pale lilac flesh beneath. Above his monster gut was a pair of moobs the size of pumpkins, sagging to the sides of his gut. His arms and legs were both having a good go at swallowing his hands and feet, which the tips of his claws only just poked out of the folds that engulfed them. For some reason, a lot of weight had gone into his back and neck, creating huge collars of flab that buried his wings and sagged partially over his head, almost blinding him. Not that he minded, he only cared about food, which was supplied by tube connected to an oversized pump. This was filled with a mixture of milk, ice cream, lard, butter and more of Discords infamous formula. Every swallow was equivalent to almost a thousand calories, filling his already packed stomach with more junk to inevitably bloat his trunk even bigger.

Fluttershy was the smallest out of the Elements, having had little to no additional letters of encouragement from Discord. However, that didn’t stop her from becoming immobile, as even with a decreased intake compared to her friends, the influence of his reviews still goaded her to eat more and more. Now she was nought but a buttery blob lying on a mattress in her living room. Her butt had taken the brunt of the weight, similarly to Applejack, though not quite as extreme. They were larger then overfilled yoga balls, though held none of the spherical shape, instead looking more like saggy yellow water balloons. She was surrounded by boxes and boxes of leftover food, filled with various sauces and crumbs left from her binges. She still needed magic to lift food onto herself of a belly, but could just about feed herself, trying to calm to almost incessant growls and blooorps from her cellulite pocked belly. Downing a 2 litre bottle of cola, she washed down a meal of pizza, garlic bread and lasagne, almost exactly what Discord had praised all those months ago.

Speaking of the devil, or rather, the spirit of Chaos, he had continued his culinary odyssey of gluttony. In this time, he had only gotten larger. Fortunately his house had grown internally to accommodate the now suburban homestead sized blob. He was easily the largest creature around in terms of fat to total body mass. His belly rolls had ballooned into slabs of blubber thicker then mattresses. Behind him, his ass had turned in boulder sized dollops of folded, cellulite pocked flesh, each being larger then Fluttershy in her entirety. Currently, despite his chaos powers, he couldn’t move a muscle, and could only coax out a twitch in his swallowed hands if he really concentrated. The only thing that was exercised nowadays was his jaw and throat muscles, which continued to tear and suck down family sized portions of almost every food under the sun.

He sat there in his enormity, occasionally floating to relieve some of the pressure on parts of his vast body. His slobbishness had been another factor which had worsened. A flood of stains pockmarked the expanse of his gut and moobs, kept moist by the sweat that trickled in streams off his body. His sky-plotting ass rippled and wobbled with each gargantuan fart he let off, as his body tried in vain to remove the huge quantities of gas stuck in his gut as he gulped down mouthfuls of air with each bite he took. He had given up reviewing restaurants not, firstly because he had eaten from every single one and given the vast majority stellar reviews. Secondly, his motivation to write had been replaced by that of gluttony, continuing to stuff his gob with all manner of delicious fattening products.

With his chaos magic continuing to provide everypony with more than enough food to either just eat or prepare into exquisite meals, Discord and the rest of Equestria would continue to get larger, even as his magic began to reshape the world gradually, infusing with increased calories everything to guarantee a couple extra folds by the next morning. Letting loose a thunderous belch, a dopey grin plastered across his face, content in his gluttony, as he continued to balloon ever larger. For him, this was certainly paradise.

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When Fluttershy tells Discord to get a job, she couldn't have know what sort of consequences would occur as a result.


I admit, that made me chuckle.

Not a fan of the slob stuff really, but I'm so glad to see another story that features a fat hedonistic Discord. he really does not get enough attention for this fetish which his powers can work so wonderfully for. :derpytongue2:

I LOVE to see more chubby Discord:raritystarry:

So Discord's motivation was for everyone to feel like him? Cool.

Damn. I'm just thinking of what'll happen to pony society. With the pegasi out of action, nobody would be able to transport the rain to Cloudsdale and with all the greatest minds turned into gluttonous pigs who only care about food, who'll be able to construct a solution to this? The transport methods were created before everyone was utterly consumed by the desire for food so I guess innovation is no longer possible.


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