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Twilight Sparkle is tasked with checking over preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration and to make some new friends. Shortly after she enters Ponyville, a couple of colts lead Twilight to meet the Great and Powerful Trixie. Because of this, Celestia's star pupil meets and befriends different ponies than the ones she had intended.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 11 )

IMHO some of the events and character interactions seem a bit rushed and sketchy, and maybe could benefit from being fleshed out more. It's a nifty idea for a story, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops. Keep it coming, please!

So....going for the "Doesn't talk much" Ditzy. Hmm.....

Earth ponies: Carrot Top
Pegasi: Ditzy Doo
Unicorns: Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, Vinyl Scratch, Colgate

Magic, we've got it covered.

I like this set up! I'm interested to see how this AU will go!


At least we'll have plenty of teleportation options.

I admit, I'm a sucker for alternate universe stories. I just love to think of how things may have been different with just a small change in events. A whole new set of harmony ponies!

For this installment, I'm not sure just how close the main cast were before the events of Nightmare Moon's release. They seemed at most casual acquaintances rather than friends. But, there's no evidence to suggest otherwise so I can buy it.

Looking forward to more!

I'm enjoying this. It's refreshing to see a new twist on the mane six and just how things have changed by the accidental encounters with random ponies. I'm also happy that Trixie was included as well.

I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter.


Boy, Trixie sure has an upward battle to get the village to like her. Just about everypony hates her guts.

I'm curious to see if we'll get more of the new "mane" cast in the story. So far, we've mostly seen Twilight and Trixie.

Still reading and enjoying! Looking forward to more!

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