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Soon after a confrontation with the Dib human, an accident on Zim's space base causes it to go through a wormhole leading to an unfamiliar world. At first, Zim just wants to return to his base, but he changes his mind upon thinking about conquering Equestria after dealing with Earth. He manipulates the strange horse beasts to teach him about their pitiful lives so that he'll be prepared for when that time comes.

One of these creatures finds out about his intentions and teams up with Dib. They are dead set on revealing what Zim's true intentions are to the citizens of Ponyville. For whatever reason, Dib and his new minion both have something against the Twilight Sparkle unicorn.

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Right after the Flim Flam brothers are driven out of Ponyville and doing a toast with her friends, Rainbow Dash is more than happy to have the apple cider that Pinkie Pie gave her. In fact, this is what she has always wanted. However, something very unexpected happens.

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Twilight Sparkle is tasked with checking over preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration and to make some new friends. Shortly after she enters Ponyville, a couple of colts lead Twilight to meet the Great and Powerful Trixie. Because of this, Celestia's star pupil meets and befriends different ponies than the ones she had intended.

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