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I'm the kind of person that has tons of ideas but never writes them. Cause procrastination is fun!


After realizing that her life is missing something, Maud Pie finds out she is a lesbian. Things get as wild as one would expect.

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Got more invested in that stage show than I'm comfortable admitting...

They never did find out where fast is stored.

ok that, was an adventure to be sure it was interesting to read. But after the Club scene with all the voodoo it felt kinda weird to me, still nice to read but not like it belongs in the same story.

Fair point, just this idea of Maud going to a club and it becoming this huge thing like an end of the world scenario was stuck in my mind.

I get that, sometimes I get weird Ideas too, and sometimes you just wanna use them no matter how weird they are

It's obvious that that tear was a rip in time and space. It looks like a few universes must've bleed into there's, changing everything around everybody without any of them noticing. Including, the people too.

Pinkamena, do you have someone that you're interested in?

Pinkamena, what's your favorite sweet?

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