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one punch man is the best anime. Naruto follows closely in second


When Kakashi senses a strange chakra-like substance being emitted from a certain high school, he sends Naruto to investigate it. Will Naruto be able to keep his ninja identity a secret when he makes friends with the HuMane 6? And why is the horse statue the thing emitting chakra? Does anything at this High School make sense?

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Hello! Welcome to my very first fanfic! Hope you like it! :derpytongue2:

I give you props for it. I 😍 this chapter

Really? I didn't think anyone would!

Things are getting interesting now.

Yes... I'm having a lot of fun writing the next chapter...

Interesting story, little rushed in some areas but not in a bad way.

Thx! Glad to know you like it! I'm sorry it seemed rushed, that is something I'm trying to work on! Believe it!

No prob, also how old is Naruto in this? Is this before or after he lost his arm in the Ninja war? I asked this because I know it sounds like before Hinata confesses her feelings for Naruto while on the moon and it says here in your story that Naruto still sees her as a friend.

This is when he's about 16. It's not really connected with Naruto Shippuden too much, as I've only recently started the series, but it's sometime soon after he came back from his training with Pery Sage.

I asked because I was confused when Naruto listed off the bad guys names that he encountered.

Yes, that was a mistake on my part. I'll go back and edit it. As I've said before, I haven't actually watched too much of the series, but my sister has told me pretty much all that happened, so I know almost everything that's happened, but some of the facts might be off

It's probably in your best interest that you and your sister look up the Naruto re read in space battles

Just so that you can avoid falling into the pitfalls that bad fanon on Naruto can induce

make this a harm with sunset and hinata

this is a cool funfic and I hope to see more soon, but take your time don't rush it :twilightsmile:

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