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ponies? in MY fanfiction? it's more likely than you think!


This is Blue Spring's diary. He's an incoming sophomore at Canterlot High. He moved from Boston recently, and he decided that he would write about everything that happened to him in his new year.

From the events of the Fall Formal to the Friendship Games. Who knows what the other characters see when the Mane 7 are fighting magical creatures from alternate dimensions?

So this is something I've been working on since 2014 on and off. Recently though it underwent heavy edits to match the canon of Equestria Girls again. A lot of this stemmed off the Equestria Girls Twitter roleplay group as well. To learn more about that, I'll redirect you to the Moderator's page.

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Author, are you from the Boston area yourself? I live south of the Pike, between 495 and 95.

question: in Boston is the word Boston spelled like Bawston because i have never seen that writing of the word before

It's Boston, but enunciated in character to emphasise his accent.


I live down on the Cape, but y'know, easier to say Boston because everyone knows Boston! :D

True, but being on the Cape means you are in Barnstable County. A very proper place for a pony. ;)

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