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ponies? in MY fanfiction? it's more likely than you think!


Midnight was an ordinary unicorn, until the Doctor landed in his backyard. That was fifteen years ago. The Doctor disappeared for fifteen years, thinking he was gone for five minutes. When the Doctor returns, he soon learns about ponies going missing, leading him to an old companion.

Cover art is by sitrirokoia on deviantArt

NOTE: You will notice similarities in some chapters. These relate to the episodes, but will not be exactly like them.

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Nice work, a little patchy and rushed but im sure if you found an editor it would bea top story. Sorry if Isound like im scoulding just offering some advise:derpytongue2:

I dont know whats happening. SO how did all this dr hooves stuff begin. What video thing is everyone talking about. what is tardis. WHY DOESNT HE LIKE PAIRS

3512512 Please please PLEASE start watching Doctor Who. Then you'll start understanding.

3512519 Doctor who, is that a tv show

OK, i found this show. Which series is it.

3512561 if you have access to Netflix, start with Series 1 Episode 1: Rose

3512564 op well I guess i wont be seing this tv show. Well, on wiki it said there was 900 episodes so


Just a passing Comment: If you are going to use the fan-artwork of DeviantArt(ist) Rannva for your cover image, you should credit her for it.

The first Weeping Angels' episode with Doctor Who #10 (David Tennant) is one of my favorites, that episode scared the [derp] out of me. :rainbowderp:

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~


The Doctor Who series is 50+ years old, with 12 different actors ("regenerations") having played The Doctor across the decades. For MLP:FiM's version of The Doctor (or "Time Turner" as he is labeled within the MLP:FiM-verse), he was based upon Doctor Who #10 of 12 (David Tennant), so you only need start from there, rather than from the humble black-&-white BBC-television beginnings of the Doctor Who series :raritywink: .

Here is a short summary for you...

The Doctor (not "Doctor Who") is the last surviving member of a cosmically-powerful order of near-immortal guardians called The Time Lords.

The mysterious Doctor wanders throughout Time & Space, in his time-machine called The TARDIS (it is an acronym). The Doctor aids/saves those threatened by annihilation, combats evil forces that threaten to grow out of control, and safeguards the "natural" flow of time as befitting his station & duty as one of The Time Lords, even though he is the last of them.

The Doctor consistently travels with a Companion, most often a human female from Earth, because he favors their unpredictable "wild card" nature which aids him in this adventures, travels, and battles, and to ease the heavy & tragic burden of being the last of his kind.

The Doctor Who series is very good in the overall. There are reasons why the series has endured for over 50 years. :ajsmug:

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whooooooooooooooo this is getting good

That last part made me smile. It was his exact words!

4493905 Gotta love the ol' Tenth Doctor! :pinkiehappy:

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