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This story is a sequel to Twilight's Logic Puzzle Adventure

The Cutie Map sends Twilight Sparkle back to the mysterious twin-towns of Utopia and Paradise, where some ponies are always truthful and others always lie. Can Twilight solve the puzzles she will face and unravel the mystery? And why was Ocellus summoned to join her?

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His name is Coccyx? Ouch.

Also, all this logic makes my head spin. How do you keep it all straight?!

This is beautiful. I love this fic and its predecessor.

So, when they heard there was a town where earth ponies were impersonating unicorns and pegasi, the changelings must have said to themselves, "Hold my beer." I knew I was going to like this the moment it popped up in my feed!

Oh, my goodness. Now we've got changelings in the mix as well? Whoo boy. I could barely deduce the solutions as it was!

Interesting. How did Zodiac know?

Oh wow, I gotta say, that last puzzle really tripped me up. Ocellus's deduction was rather impressive!

I wonder what Zodiac knows :rainbowhuh:

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