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Rarity receives an invitation to an exclusive get-together of all the biggest names in Equestrian fashion, and she knows exactly who she wants to be her +1: Ponyville's premier party pony, Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie would do anything to make her friends happy, especially Rarity, so she jumps at the chance to accompany her crush, but Pinkie is painfully aware that she's not exactly the type who fits in with high-society.

While Rarity has nothing but confidence in her precious pink paramour, Pinkie believes that she isn't good enough for Rarity or her fashionista friends by just being herself.

She needs to become... the perfect gentlemare.

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Man, I love RariPie. And although there are some flub-ups in this story, I can't help but enjoy it for the cuteness factor alone.

Really sweet story!

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