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I'm here to set the bar, just sit back and watch... how I live!♪

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That‘s great! I‘m relieved to hear that. :twilightsmile: Looking forward to reading it again :)

Hello! Don't worry, Bifrost isn't going anywhere permanently. I got some feedback that made me realize I'd kinda jumped the gun on publishing it and let a bunch of tiny errors slip through the cracks (a period instead of a comma here, a comma instead of a semicolon there, etc.), so I took it down while I fixed all the little problems and built up a bit of a buffer.
It should be back up and on a regular updating schedule again on Wednesday!

Hello there! May I ask what happened to Bifrost? I had read it since last week and when I was going to continue reading, it's gone? Won't you write it anymore? Because I think this story is really fun and I kinda want to know how it'll end. :fluttercry:

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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