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Pinkie asks Twilight for help in the bakery to prepare for a special occasion. Will Twilight be able to deal with her friend's outlandish claims, or will she mess everything up?

[If anyone knows of a suitable cover image, I'm open to suggestions.]

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So, in a bout of writer's block, I followed some sage advice (don't remember where I read it, sorry) and just wrote god-knows-what until it passed. This was supposed to be a small thing at first, but quickly grew in my head into something that I felt fit the description of 'Episode-Like'.

All critiques are welcome, though my main focus on this was pacing and OoC-ness (as in, I don't want them to be out of character).

Also, aside from grammar and spelling mistakes, I don't think I'll be editing this. I want to be able to look back on this and know what I did wrong and what I could've done better.

EDIT: It would also seem I suck at descriptions.

Awesome. Just great! I loved it! It's so nice to FINALLY have a story on here that isn't OoC.

My only complaint is the "This is Sparta" joke. That kinda whipped me out of the story and took me a bit to get back in again.

Other than that, though? GREAT job! :) I'm adding it to my favorites!

I love the fact that, this feels like it could be an episode for season four(Hopefully the season that everypony likes)! You did an excellent job, and As such, you earn a :pinkiehappy:. Great job.

It was very episode like. I liked it, and I think that it showed Pinkie and Twi really well. You did awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight shuddered as she remembered the Baked Bads

Tick reference. Nice.

Anyway, amazing, lovely, and overal great. You just earned a subscriber! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! It's nice to know older stories can still draw people in.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my stuff, too. (What little there is of it, ATM.)

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