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Summer Months · 1:10am May 25th, 2015

School's out, summer's here, and my future hopefully includes an actual job and probably college.

But in the meantime...

Just what the hell do you name a human?

No, seriously. I'm out of ideas, here. Please help. :(

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Call For Help · 4:31am Jan 24th, 2014

I've had this old guitar-shaped neon clock for about... six years or so, give or take. For the past three, though, it's been sitting in my room, collecting whatever dust gets past the bubble wrap it was covered in. I recently took it off on a whim, only to discover the neon tube is broken in two places. The only sort of branding I can find on it is 'SHINFUKU'. Attempts to google the name have only turned up sites that list them as a supplier.

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A Slightly Bigger Problem Than Last Time... · 8:40am Jul 1st, 2013

So, quite a while back, I briefly decided to compress my C:/ drive, since I was low on space, but then changed my mind. Now, I haven't been rebooting my computer often recently, so when Windows started acting up, I decided to reboot.


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BURFDAI · 6:34am Jun 21st, 2013

The summer solstice... heck of a birth date, no?

Funny thing, though...I don't feel older...

Ah, well. Here was last year's cake.

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A Slight, Itty Bitty Problem... · 11:03pm Jun 8th, 2013

I can't un-pause Borderlands 2.

I mean, I can get out of the pause menu, but every time I do, I'm met with this:

I can't stop laughing my head off! And there's four more of them, just hanging in midair!

Stupid Elite Savages.

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My Little Sister's Masterpiece · 7:03pm May 25th, 2013

So my little sister, at the age of seven, just wrote her own story. I figured I could give it a small spotlight.

Here it is:

A woomen wact throow the Door aof a stoor and bot a stoor and bot a woch.


by Sabarina
Ilaschrabid by Sabrina

I preserved the spelling and formatting and everything. Isn't it fantastic? She also drew a little picture on the other side of the paper.

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Started Reading a New Book... · 2:51am May 1st, 2013

...and a few pages in, I'm chuckling at digital watches. After two chapters, I'm smirking at a guy never quite being able to 'get' Thursdays.

Not only that, but I also finally figured out where CoffeeGrunt got the Pan Equestrian Gargle Blaster from.

In truth, it sounds nasty.

Well...it can only get better from here, right?

I'm looking forward to it.

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Mini-Rant · 8:44pm Apr 12th, 2013

This is half me venting, and half a letter to knighty.

With the latest changes to the site, I will admit that I (along with everyone else) was caught by surprise. We all could've done with a bit of fair warning, which would have made the transition a tad bit easier. Despite the rough start, I've found myself becoming more and more used to the (not-so) new changes as the days go on.

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Not that anyone cares, but... · 12:37pm Apr 1st, 2013

As of today, my story Forgery is cancelled. To anyone who was actually hoping to have it finished, I say this:

I don't care.

I guess this proves I can't amount to anything. In any field. Ever. Sorry, but you'll have to go somewhere else for your bad human-related Lyra fics.


EDIT: Wow, look at me. I make a terrible April Fools' joke, and I don't even last the whole day. :rainbowlaugh:

I guess I just hate lying.

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How hard can it be to find a story?! · 5:51pm Mar 14th, 2013

There was this story I read a while back, incomplete at the time. Dusk Shine woke up in the 'normal' universe, and was understandably confused. At first, it was because he woke up in the castle, but then it was because Solaris was a mare, somehow. Then Celestia becomes confused, and they get introductions out of the way, and somehow they get to a breakfast table, and the last chapter I read ended with a cliffhanger with Twilight about to enter the room.

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