• Published 28th Sep 2017
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My Sweet Sweet Cinnabug - LaysPotatoChips

Let's face it, Changelings are cinnamon rolls in disguise. Especially to a certain young Drake.

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Chapter Two

Chapter 2

"Happy Birthday Thorax." Spike said as he handed Thorax a large pink and white box with a cupcake logo engraved on the top.

Thorax grasped the box, and smiled at the young dragon in front of him.

"Thank you so much Spike, but you really didn't have to get me anything." Thorax said as he looked at the box closer.

"Well, it is your birthday Thorax. I thought I'd get something nice for you." Spike said as he twiddled his claws

Thorax looked at the box once more. It certainly looked interesting, however he was curious as to what kind of present was in there. He took the box and sniffed it, just to see what it smelled like. The aroma of cinnamon, sugar, and creamy frosting filled his nostrils which activated his salivary glands in his mouth. He took his hoof, and with it he opened the box slowly. What he saw made not only his mouth water even more, but also made his eyes widen with surprise. The interior of the box contained a nine inch long, five inch thick cinnamon roll. The roll was decorated with a snow white frosting that was smothered in warm toasted pecans. The pecans where also smothered in a golden caramel glaze that flowed from the top of the bun, and drizzled all the way down to the bottom of the box, where it pooled into a hard shell. As Thorax was basking in the glory of the cinnamon roll in front of him, Spike placed one of his fingers into one of the caramel pools in the bottom of the box and scooped it up.

"Try this Thorax." Spike said as he moved his caramel covered finger towards Thorax's mouth

Thorax immediately lapped out his tongue and licked the caramel drizzle off of Spike's finger. After consuming the golden colored liquid, Thorax's mind stopped for a few seconds. This was one of the best tasting things he had ever had in his life, but that was only the caramel sauce, he hadn't tried the bun yet. Spike, seeing how Thorax was reacting to the taste of the caramel, smirked and said

"I see you enjoyed that, how's about I feed you the rest of this little piece of heaven to you my little cinnabug?" Spike said in a teasing kind of way

Thorax immediately nodded his head "Yes". Spike picked up the roll carefully and said

"Open wide."

Thorax opened his mouth as wide as he could get it, and Spike placed the roll into Thorax's mouth.

"Now bite down." Spike commanded

Thorax did just that. The warm, gooey, messy bun combined with the toasted pecans and caramel sauce gave off a sensation of pleasure in all five senses of his body. Sight, Taste, Hearing, Feeling, and Smell all practically shut down as the heavenly cinnamon roll continued to be slowly devoured. Spike could hear Thorax moan as he continued to chew on the morsel. Once the roll had been completely obliterated, Thorax swallowed. The soft sensation of the gooey mix flowing down his esophagus made Thorax blush. Thorax lied back down on the bed, and stared breathing slowly. That was one of the most plesent feeling he had felt in some time. Spike started giggling at the way Thorax looked in front of him.

"You look so adorable my little Cinnabug." Spike said as he made his way towards the moaning Changeling in front of him.

"That...was...amazing Spike." Thorax said as he licked the rest of the frosting off of his muzzle.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Thorax." Spike said as he gave his best friend a hug.

Thorax opened his eyes, and looked over at Spike. Spike had some frosting covering his neck and mouth, for some reason. Thorax gave a deviant smile and said

"Hey Spike, you got a little frosting on you neck and face."

"Really?" Spike said as he tried looking down

"Don't worry, I'll get it."

Thorax immediately lunged at Spike, and pinned him down to the bed. Spike was about to protest, when he felt Thorax's tongue brush up against his neck. Spike blushed a crimson red as Thorax continued to lick certain parts of his neck with his snake like tongue. Spike even started giggling when Thorax reached his ticklish spot on his neck. Thorax looked down at the dragon and smirked at him.

"I see someone is ticklish." Thorax said as he retreated his tongue into his mouth

Spike looked up at the Changeling in front of him, and said

"Yeah. I guess I am." Spike said as he caught his breath

"Well I guess it's time for me to take it up a notch." Thorax said

"Wait, what do you.."

Spike was immediately interrupted with Thorax licking at Spike's neck once again. Spike, almost instantly, started giggling at the feeling. Thorax smiled and then proceeded to make his way over to Spike's tummy. he really loved the way that the dragon's belly looked like. It was the perfect shape, not to plump, but not too skinny either. Thorax stared nuzzling with Spike's tummy, kissing it slightly as he did. This just made Spike go from giggles to full on laughter. Thorax gave the baby dragon one last nuzzle, before giving him the biggest raspberry the he could give. Spike's eyes started watering as he continued to laugh harder and harder. After a few more minutes of raspberries and tummy kissing, Thorax finally decided to give the dragon a break. Spike was breathing heavily now, with small chuckles escaping every now and then. Thorax gave the baby dragon a small kiss on the cheek before snuggling up to him.

"That was the best birthday present ever Spike, I love you." Thorax said as he snuggled with Spike

"I love you too, my little Cinnabug." Spike said as he gave Thorax a big hug "Happy Birthday Thorax

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*looks at tags*


I have a sneaky suspicion that you like Spike x Thorax.
Not that there's anything wrong with that. Bug love is best love.

Yeah, I'm a huge shipper of this couple. I'm actually the one who wrote the first Spike x Thorax story on fimfiction.

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