• Published 28th Sep 2017
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My Sweet Sweet Cinnabug - LaysPotatoChips

Let's face it, Changelings are cinnamon rolls in disguise. Especially to a certain young Drake.

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Spike paced around the thrown room in complete frustration. Tomorrow was Thorax's birthday, and he couldn't think of anything that Thorax might want. He tried asking him about it, but it was always interrupted with somepony, usually Twilight, coming at a random time and asking Thorax for something. After pacing around the main castle area (the thrown room) for a few minutes more, Spike finally just decided to walk around Ponyville and see what he could find. Opening up the main door of the castle, Spike made his way out of the castle and started walking towards the Ponyville Market. Since Spike knew the town of Ponyville like the back of his claw, getting to the market wasn't really that difficult. However, since he had been pacing around the castle for Celestia knows how long, most of the shops where already starting to close for the day.

"Dang it!" Spike mentally yelled at himself ,"How long was I in that castle for?"

Despite the fact that most of the booths where closed, he decided to try and look for something anyway. Spike glanced over at the few booths he could find and immediately started searching the tables for something really interesting, but came up empty clawed. Nothing, at least from his standards, looked good. Sure there where some decent products that where for sale, but it didn't pop out as being something that Thorax would want. Feeling disappointed, Spike made his way towards Sugar Cube Corner for something to wallow, as well as eat, in. The door to the Sugar Cube Bakery dinged as Spike made his way into the brightly colored shop. Pinkie Pie, who was manning the counter at the time, immediately saw Spike walking in and her face beamed with excitement.

"Spike, HI!" Pinkie Pie yelled as she jumped five feet in the air and burst into pink confetti

Spike, wondering how it was possible for a pony to burst into confetti, said

"Hey Pinkie."

"So Spike, how was your day today. No wait don't tell me!" Pinkie said as she hopped over towards the baby dragon

Pinkie leaned in towards Spike's face and her eyes darted up and down Spike's body. Spike, feeling slightly violated at her prodding eyes, tried asking Pinkie what she was doing, but he was soon interrupted by her saying

"Hold that thought Spike, I know why your here."

Spike lifted a brow at Pinkie. How was it that she knew why he was here?

"Pinkie, I find it hard to believe that you know what I'm here." Spike said sounding suspicious

"Oh I know Spike." Pinkie said," Your here because your trying to look for a present for your Changeling friend Thorax. However you couldn't find anything that would be good for Thorax, so you came here and your about to order a double stuffed cupcake with blue gemstones on top." Pinkie Pie gave a big smile to the young drake.

Spike couldn't believe what he had just heard. Everything, including his order, was completely correct.

"Pinkie, are you psychic?" Spike asked

"Nope, just my Pinkie sense, you know that silly." Pinkie Pie said , giving another smile.

Spike didn't bother questioning it anymore, he just wanted to order his dessert, go home, and snuggle with Thorax for the rest of the looked over at where the party pony had once been, but Pinkie Pie had already vanished into the kitchen for some reason. A few minutes of waiting later, Pinkie pie came out with a small cinnamon roll in her hooves. Spike cocked his head in confusion. This wasn't what he normally ordered and it wasn't something that he was a big fan of, but he decided to just go on ahead and eat it anyway.

"Here you go Spike, a fresh cinnamon roll all for you." Pinkie said as she placed the warm roll into the dragon's claws

The roll itself wasn't as hot as Spike had expected, but it wasn't cold either. It was actually quite warm. Spike sniffed the roll, it smelled amazing. Opening his mouth, he placed the gooey roll onto his tongue. After taking a bite, Spike's eyes closed and his tongue wrapped around the cinnamon roll. Spike moaned in pleasure as the mix of cinnamon, frosting, and chewy dough continued to pleasure his five senses. He went numb as the frosting coated his mouth in a protective barrier of flavor that wouldn't go away, even if he downed a glass of milk afterwards. After swallowing the roll, Spike looked over at Pinkie Pie, who still had a big smile on her face.

"So did you like it?" Pinkie Pie asked

"Yes!" Spike yelled out in both pleasure and joy

"I'm so glad you liked it! So, how about a nice, large, hot, gooey cinnamon roll for Thorax." Pinkie Pie said as she wrote down the order on a slip of paper

"That sounds good. How much do I owe you?" Spike asked as he pulled out a small bag filled with bits

"Nothing, besides this is something new. So since you are my first customer trying this, you get it all for free." Pinkie said as she hopped around in giddiness.

"Thanks Pinkie." Spike said as he put the bits back into his pocket.

"No problem Spike, I'll have it done for you at 8 in the morning.

Spike thanked the pink pony, and then made his way back home to the castle. Once he got back to his and Thorax's room, he smiled with joy. Tomorrow was going to be a really great day for Thorax. And since this was his first birthday that he ever celebrated, he wanted to make sure that Thorax's birthday was the best birthday ever

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