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This was really just a vent story. I expressed my emotions through this while trying to make it an original story. I hope it's well written or at least passable, since I have no experience in writing other than just reading a lot and observing. The last fan-fiction i've written was in 2015 and...I really do not enjoy how it came out. I feel confident this one is much better. Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

A mare constantly struggles nearly everyday from various events that has happened in the past that she cannot let go. She tries so much to better herself even though she cannot feel almost anything other than sadness and dreariness. She despises those who has done this to her and desperately wants revenge but she could never bring herself to do it. Only now when she finally reaches her breaking point she tries to finally get some satisfaction from one of the least arrogant of them all and how she feels is the most easiest to do. She made a grave mistake.

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