• Published 8th Oct 2017
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Rarity and Sweetie Belle at the Beach - CAPTAIN YOSHI HD

Rarity and Sweetie Belle go to the beach.

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The Complete Edited Story

A beautiful teenage girl named, Sweetie Belle was sitting down on a wooden chair on her porch watching the birds fly around the sky. She loved the sound of birds chirping in the sky, the chirping was like the music to her ears, she wished that Fluttershy would teach her to sing like the birds. She giggled at the loops the birds did. It is pretty hot outside, but it is relaxing. Her sister, Rarity was making dresses inside the house.

Rarity opened the door that lead to the porch and stepped outside. "How are doing, Sweetie Belle?", she asked.

Sweetie Belle looked over at her sister. "Oh, hey, Rarity.", she said. "I'm doing fine."

"How long have you been out here?", Rarity asked. "I don't want you to stay out here for long, I may want you to come back in, because I don't want you to get sunburned. It's pretty hot at the moment."

"I know, Rarity.", Sweetie Belle said. "But, I'm so bored. There's nothing to do right now.

Rarity gently stroked her chin for ideas. She finally came up with one. "Do you want to go to the beach?", she asked. "It's open right now and we don't have anything else that's important."

Sweetie Belle smiled, accepting her sister's offer. "I'd love to, Rarity.", she said. "I would want to go swimming, but the water will be too darn cold to swim in. But, I'll just take it for the heck of it."

The two went into the house to get ready. Rarity put on her Summer clothes, grabbed her beach hat, grabbed her beach chair, her towel, and packed a lunch. For lunch, she made ham sandwiches. Sweetie Belle put on her light blue bikini, her towel and grabbed her sand toys. They were ready.

They arrived at the beach. Sweetie Belle removed her sandals from her feet and felt the sand beneath her soles. "Ow! Ow!", she yelped. "The sand's hot! Rarity, lay my towel down, I need to stand on it!"

Rarity quickly laid Sweetie Belle's towel down on the sand. "Here you go, Sweetie.", she said.

Sweetie Belle stepped on it, feeling relieved. "Ah, that's better.", she said. "Thanks, Rarity." She sat down on her towel and placed her stuff down on the sand. "I feel like having lunch now."

"Me too.", Rarity said. "But, let me get everything set up, then we'll have lunch. She stuck her beach umbrella in the sand, set up her chair, and got out her sunscreen. "Turn around, so I can see your back, Sweetie Belle.", she said. "I going to put sunscreen on you." Her sister turned her back to her. She squeezed sunscreen in her hand and rubbed it all over Sweetie Belle's back.

Sweetie Belle sighed in relaxation. "Ah, that feels nice.", she said.

"Now lets do your tummy.", Rarity said, as she watched her sister lay down on her back, seeing her exposed belly. She once again squeezed sunscreen in her hand and rubbed it on her sister's belly.

Sweetie Belle giggled as she felt her belly being rubbed by her sister. "Haha. That tickles.", she giggled.

"Almost done.", Rarity said. "All I need to do is the limbs, then I put sunscreen on myself." She puts sunscreen on Sweetie Belle's arms and legs, then she was done. At last, she put sunscreen on herself, her stomach and her limbs. But, she couldn't get her back. "Sweetie Belle, can you put sunscreen on me?"

"Sure.", Sweetie Belle said. She took the sunscreen, squeezed some in her hand, and rubbed it on her sister's back. "Alright, that should do it. Can I have my lunch now?"

"Sure you can, Sweetie.", Rarity said. "In the mood for ham sandwiches?"

"Absolutely.", Sweetie Belle said. She sat down, took the sandwich from Rarity, and took a bite out of it.

Rarity had hers as well. By then, they were all done with their sandwiches. "That was so good.", she said. "Wasn't it?"

"I agree.", Sweetie Belle said. "I'm going to build a sandcastle." She got off her towel and sat down on the sand, she found a place to build a sandcastle.

"Have fun, Sweetie.", Rarity said. "I'm going to sit down on my chair and enjoy the day." She removed her sandals from her feet and shoved her toes in the sand, feeling how warm the sand is.

It's been thirty minutes later, Sweetie Belle was about done with her sandcastle. The sandcastle had four towers in the corners and there was a tall one in the middle. All she wanted was to build sandcastles, but thirty minutes of work made her feel tired. She wanted to do something with Rarity. "Hey, Rarity, do you want to do something together?", she asked.

Rarity smiled wisely, she had an idea to do with Sweetie Belle. "How about I bury you in the sand?", she asked.

Sweetie Belle didn't say anything, she stared at her sister, petrified. After a moment, she chuckled. "Rarity, are you kidding me?", she asked. "Do you obviously think I would agree with that stupid idea? I'm a bit old for that. Besides, I'll get dirty."

Rarity rolled her eyes playfully, then she raised an eyebrow while smirking. "Oh stop being so negative, Sweetie Belle.", she said. "You're not that old, you can do that at any age. It's really fun and relaxing, I promise you."

"Ok, Rarity, I get it.", Rarity said. "You don't have to tease me so much about it. But, can we do that a little later? I think I got other ideas for what we should do here."

Rarity made a scheming expression on her face. She loved to tease her sister while doing something, such as cradling her in her arms and tickling her belly while sitting on her waist. "Oh, I see what's going on here, you're afraid I'm going to tease you while I bury you.", she said, raising her eyebrow the second time. "Tell you what, I race to the right end of the beach, if I win I get to bury and tease you, and if you win, we'll have to leave the beach early and we'll come back here next week."

The two got up and raced to the end of the beach. The sisters were laughing in hysterics while running across the sand. Rarity was way ahead of Sweetie Belle, she was taking big steps forward. Sweetie Belle tried to catch up, but she couldn't, she was still tired from building that sandcastle for thirty minutes. The best way was to give up, she accepted the challenge from her sister and she lost. Rarity was at the end, she has won. "Ha!", she laughed as soon as Sweetie Belle reached the end. "I won! And what does that mean?!"

Sweetie Belle caught her breath before she could speak. "Ok, Rarity, you win, you can bury me.", she said. "It would be fun anyway."

Rarity put her arm around Sweetie Belle as they walked back to the spot. "Well, little sister, you better be prepared.", she taunted as she moved her eyebrows up and down. She pointed at her sister's belly. "Because, you're body's going to be sandy when I bury you."

Sweetie Belle widened her eyes. "Wait!", she said. "You're going to tickle my feet, are you?"

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't.", Rarity said.

"Can you please not do that?", Sweetie Belle asked nicely. "I don't want to get too embarrassed while you tickle my feet."

"Ok, Sweetie Belle, I won't.", Rarity said. "But, I will do something with your feet though."

"What will that be, Rarity?", Sweetie Belle asked.

"You'll see.", Rarity cooed, patting her sister on the belly.

They got back to the spot. "So, where do you want to lay down, Sweetie?", she asked.

Sweetie Belle looked around and pointed a finger at the spot that's four feet away from her towel. "Right there.", she said.

"Go lay down, Sweetie.", Rarity said, fluttering her eyelashes.

Sweetie Belle walked over to her spot and laid down on her back. "Alright, Rarity, let me have it.", she said.

Rarity picked up Sweetie Belle's bucket and sat on her knees next to Sweetie Belle's body. She scooped up some sand and poured it on Sweetie Belle's belly. She scooped up another chunk of sand. "Lift your chin up, Sweetie.", she said. Her sister lifted up her chin, so the sand doesn't get in her mouth. Rarity poured the sand on Sweetie's chest and brushed some of the sand off the shoulders and neck. She scooped chunks of sand in the bucket and poured them on Sweetie's torso, covering up the whole front side. She decided to leave the arms alone, because if she did the arms, then it would be hard for the girl to get out. She scooped up another chunk and poured it on Sweetie Belle's thighs. She scooped another chunk of sand and poured it on her sister's knees. She scooped chunks of sand and poured it on the rest of Sweetie's legs, except her feet.

Sweetie Belle looked at her feet. "Does this mean you're going to leave my feet alone?", she asked.

"Not really, Sweetie.", Rarity said. "Wait right here until I get back with a bucket of water." She stood up on her feet and ran to the ocean. She scooped up water in the bucket and ran back to where Sweetie Belle's buried. She sat back down on her knees next to Sweetie Belle's feet.

"What are you going to do to my feet?", Sweetie Belle asked.

"I told you earlier, you'll see.", Rarity cooed. She dipped her hands in the bucket of water and soaked Sweetie Belle's feet.

Sweetie Belle felt the cold water on her feet. "Ooh, Rarity, that's cold.", she yelped.

"Relax, Sweetie.", Rarity cooed. She scooped up sand with her hand and sprinkled it on her sister's soaked top of her feet, soles, and toes. "How do you like that, Sandy Belle? You must be loving this. Look how sandy these feet are."

Sweetie Belle smiled and blushed. She wanted to feel annoyed, but she giggled at the fun instead. She was glad that Rarity didn't tickle her feet, but instead Rarity made her feet look like they were made of sand. "I don't even enjoy teasing, Rarity.", she said. "But, you're right, this is pretty enjoyable."

Rarity got up and went over to Sweetie Belle's head. She sat back down on her knees and kissed her on the forehead. "So, does this mean you love being buried now?", she asked.

Sweetie Belle nodded. "I love you, Rarity.", she crooned. "Thanks for burying me. You should do this to me more often. And maybe next time, I'll let you tickle my feet or you can do that again? Soaking my feet and sprinkling sand on them."

"Your welcome, Sweetie Belle.", Rarity said. "I love you too. I'm glad you enjoyed this. It would be splendid if I can do this to you again."

Sweetie Belle smiled warmly at her sister. She slowly closed her eyes and went to sleep. She began to snore, the sand rose and fell within her breath. Rarity smiled caringly as she petted her sister's hair. Sweetie Belle was pretty cute while buried in the sand. She walked over to her chair, sat down, leaned back and went to sleep too.

It's been an hour and a half later, Rarity and Sweetie Belle woke up from their naps. "How are you doing, Rarity?", Sweetie Belle asked. "You look pretty comfortable laying down on that chair."

"I'm doing fine.", Rarity said. "I thought I would give you some space over there. How are you doing?"

"I'm going fine, I had a lot of fun.", Sweetie Belle said. She felt her stomach growl. She blushed cutely. "I am pretty hungry for dessert. What do you say we go to Sugarcube Corner and get some cupcakes?"

"Sounds like a good plan.", Rarity said, getting up from her seat and walked over to Sweetie Belle. She held out a hand for her. Sweetie Belle took her big sister's hand and let her sister help her out. "Lets get our stuff and we'll go to Sugarcube Corner for some treats. But, you should take a shower first." They packed their stuff and left the beach.

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Comments ( 6 )

Your descriptions, title, and cover art are all vague. You need to replace those with something that'll grab the attention of the readers here. Like, what happens at the beach? Anything bad happen?

And you rewrote one of Evictus' stories? Lol

well, if you read the story, you will know.

What is there to attract me, or any other reader to the story, though? You tell us they go to the beach; that pretty much sums it up.

Thanks for the rewrite!

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