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The Sirens are forced back into school at the hope of scoring Student Housing.

Yet unknown to them, they will be under the watchful eye of a reluctant Luna.

Now dealing with a whole new world of rules, they must come together to show they can beat the odds and turn over a new leaf.

Or fail trying and be sent back to the streets.

Part Of My New " Once More Verse."

Cover Art By The Amazing PsychoDiamondStar.

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 10 )

Oh man, I am so ready for this story. I'm just curious at this point if we will be seeing the Mane 7 in this story, seeing as how in the "prequel" to this we saw Sunset. So far I think this story has a lot of potential and you now have a follower for it.

Thank you so much.

Yes around chapter four the mane 7 will be shown, they play a pretty big part in this arc as well.

lol dat ending doe

Love it so much. Can't wait for the next chapter now,

Dang. Those two are getting real heated.

This story is too much fun. I said it once and I will happily say it again. I want some more plz.

That was awesome, please make more chapter

So is this story dead now and are you active in the site anymore?

i love how it was sonata who said "Eu tu Aria". she has been paying attention in class i guess.

Luna is really cruising for a bruising.

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