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The Sirens are forced back into school at the hope of scoring Student Housing.

Yet unknown to them, they will be under the watchful eye of a reluctant Luna.

Now dealing with a whole new world of rules, they must come together to show they can beat the odds and turn over a new leaf.

Or fail trying and be sent back to the streets.

Part Of My New " Once More Verse."

Cover Art By The Amazing PsychoDiamondStar.

Chapters (4)

The Dazzlings have been pushed too far, on a icy night alone on the streets they form a plan to get revenge on Sunset Shimmer.

Once there though, they are surprised by a warm welcome.

Their would be victim showing them a side of compassion, they had long forgotten existed.

Part of The " Once More Verse." taking place before the start of Once More.

Cover Art By The Amazing PsychoDiamondStar.

Chapters (1)