Once More.

by Strawberri

Welcome Home. Part.2.

Adagio growled under her breath, wearing a odd lime green blouse, covered top to bottom in frills. A small purple skirt hugging to her hips as new yellow boots clicked loudly on the floor of the third level hallway.

She dragged a large bag of trash behind her, left by the last tenants who had been evicted. She tried to fight Luna over why she had to do such a chore, but in the end it was more simpler to just toss it down the chute.

Slender hand grabbing the knob of the chute, she gave it a hard pull, only to feel it not budge at all. A eerie cold chill running down her lower backside, followed by a icy cold hand placed atop her shoulder.

Spinning around in shock as bangs fell over her eyes, she could see nothing around her but emptiness. Yet deep inside she could sense something, a type of energy that was long forgotten.

“A..dag..io.” A voice whispered into her ear sweetly from behind.

“Watch it!” Another voice screamed louder, Adagio snapping back into reality just in time to take a soccer ball to the face.

The siren flung backwards and landed right onto her bag of trash with a dull thud. A large red mark planted in the center of her face, eyes glowing in anger through the dim light of this cursed building.

“Oh my! Are you ok?” A soft spoken girl came into view, she had elegant pink colored hair stretching down her lower backside.

“I might have sprained my ankle with that kick.” A loud mouth of a girl sprung into view as well, her hair was multicolored and wild in style.

The soft spoken girl shooting a gaze of disapproval towards her.

The polite girl wore a white blouse and a yellow skirt, her cream colored boots complimenting her style perfectly. The other seemed to be dressed in a soccer uniform of some kind, covered in dirt and grime.

“I’m fine!” Adagio snapped in anger sitting up, glaring towards the filthy girl a banana peel hanging from her once clean hair.

“In my defense, I did yell out to you.” The tomboy giggled and held out a hand.

Adagio slapped it away rudely, standing up on her own. Both girls staring at her for a few seconds, before each came to the same realization.

“Phst! You’re that siren Atario!” The tomboy spat aloud in shock and awe.

“Sure why not? And you two are Flutterdee and Rainbowdum.” Adagio spoke politely with a faux smile.

“Please let’s not fight.” Fluttershy asked politely as she placed a gentle hand atop her friend’s shoulder.

“I’m not looking for a fight anyways.” Adagio added on and started to pick up the torn bag of trash behind her.

“Phst. We would so win again.” Rainbow spoke under her breath, with a soft roll of the eye.

The pink haired girl kneeling down beside Adagio, helping her scoop up the fallen trash swiftly. Rainbow pouting before doing the same and helping out, the siren flashing her former foes a suspicious stare.

“So why are you two here?” Adagio asked, tying the bag back into a makeshift knot.

“We’re planning a night out with Sunset.” Fluttershy spoke up, her slender hand brushing away a fallen lock of hair from her eyes.

“Yeah! Daring Do’s newest movie, just hit the theatre!” Rainbow dash let out an excited squee.

“Sounds like a good time.” Adagio spoke in a lackluster tone, tossing the trash down the chute with a little effort.

“Why don’t you and your friends come out with us?” Fluttershy asked with a sweet smile.

“Phst. Friends? Oh you mean those two…” Adagio rolled her eyes slightly.

“I’d sorta not like to. But we’re grounded here at the moment.” Adagio quickly made up an excuse.

“Too bad.” Rainbow scoffed.

“Maybe next time. Well see you at school then.” Fluttershy spoke in an innocent tone, walking off down the hallway as Rainbow followed close.

“As if.” The siren crossed her arms over her chest, a sneer forming over her lips.

“So. What took you so long?” Luna asked in a suspicious tone at the cramped dinner table.

Adagio sat in between her two charges in silence, Sonata wearing a pink tee with a puppy on the front and blue shorts. Aria had on a plain white blouse and black pants, each girl wouldn’t say it, but loved the long overdue shower session.

Atop the table were half burned BLTs on plates, a strong scent of charred bacon wafting through the air.

“Cheap bag broke.” Adagio sat down and slumped over slightly.

“Mmhmm. So that was the bag, you were chatting with out there?” Luna added with a raised brow.

“Hmmm. No ma’am I also spoke to a few girls from school.” Adagio added through gritted teeth.

“Huh.” Luna just shrugged and took a crunchy bite from her BLT.

“You talked to some girls from school?” Aria narrowed her hues to her leader.

“Yeah. Rainbow and Flutter.” Adagio spoke as her finger poked the side of her plate.

“Phst. Way to go! Making friends with the enemy!” Aria pushed her plate away in anger, Adagio casting a glare to her side.

“I just spoke a few words! Not like I was groveling at their feet!” Adagio hissed loudly.

“Ladies.” Luna spoke up.

“I know you Adagio, you are all about The Next Big Thing!” Aria glared and flashed a sneer to her leader.

“Settle down!” Luna snapped.

“Ha! If that’s so, then why am I dragging you two idiots around with me!” Adagio asked in a cruel polite tone of voice.

“Take that back!” Aria clutched her fist in anger.

“LADIES!” Luna stood up in anger, yelling down to the two girls.

“The only thing I wish I could take back, Is when I took you two in all those years ago.” Adagio whispered in a cooing fashion.

Aria gritted her teeth and slung up from her seat. Eyes glowing darkly like fiery embers, yet no scream or punch came, instead she walked off in silence the slam of the bedroom door following soon after.

Luna glared to the young woman in disappointment, quickly walking off from the table as well, heading towards the back of the apartment just as quiet.

Adagio slowly let her gaze fall onto Sonata, the silence growing ever more within the room. The young blue skinned girl looking down in sorrow, taking a small bite from her BLT and standing up.

“I. Never regretted meeting either of you…” Sonata sighed and shuffled off towards her couch.

Adagio frowning in anger, slammed both fist against the table.

Before sliding down onto the frame and sobbing.