Once More.

by Strawberri

Class Is In Session.

“This World History is nuts!” Adagio sighed aloud in defeat, violet eyes barely locked onto the history book before her.

“Tell me about it. Who takes as long as these Romans to build an empire and destroy civilizations?” Aria blew a raspberry softly, closing her book altogether.

“They should be called the “Slowmans” am I right? What did it take us to create an empire and wipe out all those Sea ponies?” Adagio narrowed her eyes in deep thought.

“Like two weeks.” Aria yawned.

“No. We wanted to wage war on The Flutter Ponies, so we sped things up remember?” Sonata whispered softly, face buried in her book excitedly.

“Oh yeah. So about a week boss.” Aria flaunted a hand gently, a wicked smirk upon her face.

“I said no talking!” Luna snapped aloud in anger from her desk.

“But this history is so damn boring!” Adagio rolled her eyes and slammed her book shut.

“I don’t care. You need to know this, in order to function in this world.” Luna flipped her long tresses over her shoulder.

“Give me one example, on how knowing who this Caeser guy is will aid me in life?” Adagio smacked her lips in a matter of fact tone.

“How about this? Get back to work or on "The Ides of March." I shall come for you Ms Adagio.” Luna smirked down to the annoying brat.

Adagio simply frowning in place, unsure what it was that the woman had just suggested.

“Just shut up and read!” Aria rolled her eyes at her leader, who gazed over to her in shock.

“Et Tu Aria!?” Sonata gasped aloud in shock towards Aria’s outburst.

Adagio growling under her breath, swung back open her book and began her research reluctantly. A soft knock coming from the door of the classroom, Luna motioning for the guest to enter.

Celestia walked in with a bright colorful smile, her heels clicking upon the tiled floor softly. Luna sitting up with more poise in her seat, rather than the slumped over form she had taken all morning.

“How is the first day coming along?” Celestia smiled a small giggle escaping her lips.

“It is going just fine. As you can see all is under control.” Luna flaunted her slender hand over the room, all three girls silently reading.

“That is great sister! I for a moment was worried, I might have overburdened you.” Celestia spoke in a chipper and almost condescending tone.

“Nope. In fact I think we are all becoming friends here.” Luna spoke with a confident tone.

“Phst! Yeah it would take about sixity of your kind to take me down!” Adagio yelled from her seat in anger, as she lifted away from her book and sneered.

Celestia gazed to Luna with a raised brow in confusion.

“Hehe. Just a small joke I shared with the ladies.” Luna giggled nervously.

“Mmmhmm. Well do take care and here is the item.” Celestia nodded politely as she handed Luna a strange silver item swiftly.

“Lovely to have you all here again. Take care ladies.” Celestia gave a delicate wave to the teens in the room.

“Bye Ms.C!” Sonata waved bye happily.

“Don’t go falling down any stairs now.” Aria whispered under her breath, returning the wave with a faux smile.

“...” Adagio never even lifting her gaze away from her desk.

Suddenly the loud bell rang high above, its high pitched ring spreading all across the large building. Sonata suddenly squealing aloud in joy, her eyes lighting up, much like the shimmering sun outside.

“Lunch Time! Oh I do hope it’s Taco Tuesday!” Sonata smacked her lips loudly.

“It’s Monday fool.” Aria rolled her eyes and stood up.

“So! I can still hope it’s tacos today!” Sonata replied in a dunce tone, quickly springing up to her feet.

“Whoa! What do you think you’re doing?” Luna asked in confusion, her gaze locked on the three girls.

“Going to lunch.” Adagio replied in a bittersweet tone.

“Nope! I hate to say this, but you three have lunch in here with me.” The teacher replied in a slight hiss.

“Sooo. Do you go, get us our food?” Sonata tilted her head to the side confused.

“Nope. You eat what my sister made you for lunch.” Luna rolled her eyes as she bent over, taking out three crunched up bag lunches from under the desk.

“And trust me, you are not going to like it.” Luna snorted aloud with a smirk.

The woman lifting up from her chair and tossing the bags harshly onto each desk before the girls. Right before swiftly making her own way towards the door.

“Just so you know. It’s Sea Food Day!” Luna giggled aloud, the door to the class swinging open.

“Oh! Glad I caught you, before you left.” Celestia poked back in, pushing a new brown bag into her sister’s arms.

“You can’t leave the students unattended.” The Principal gave her sister an “Oh You!” look, quickly leaving as soon as she entered.

Luna stood there in silence, gazing down to the warm and crumbled bag in her hands. Snickering lifting into the air from the students behind her, she could feel those wicked violet eyes burning into her back.

“I so hope we don’t like it, that means you won’t either.”  Adagio smirked much like a cheshire cat, full of mischievous glee.

After a less than wonderful lunch, which consisted of a few bland fruit cups and a horrible homemade salad. The girls suffered through a few more hours of learning, from the abyss that was math to the confusion of chemistry.

It would seem like a sweet release, when the clock slowly counted down to their freedom. A joyous time when the girls would finally see their Student Housing they scored, a whole apartment that belonged to them, no wicked forces to choose anything for them.

“When we get home, I call the shower first.” Adagio sighed in a dark smile, tilting her head back in relief.

“Go ahead. I’m going to raid the fridge into submission.” Aria licked her lips much like a hunting predator.

“I just can’t wait to sleep on a bed!” Sonata smiled happily, her voice ringing aloud.

Luna shook her head side to side, standing beside her desk and collecting all the papers of the day. Sliding them all into her large handbag, that delicately hung over her shoulder.

The clock slowly edged towards the bell, each girl watching the time ease on by agonizingly.

“Aria give me the keys!” Adagio demanded to her right hand.

“I thought you had them?” Aria sneered in confusion to her boss.

“...” Both girls snapping their heads to Sonata.

“I didn’t even know we needed keys?” Sonata replied in fear and confusion.

“Ahem.” Luna dangled the silver keys in the air, from beside her desk.

“...” Adagio felt her heart racing in her chest wildly.

“I fear due to past actions, you three are required a Housing Guardian.” Luna could feel a headache forming already.

“Guardian?” Sonata asked politely.

“Like a House Mother…” Luna groaned as she thought back to the bomb, that her sister threw upon her this morning.

“No! No!” Adagio screamed as she lifted from her seat.

“Until a proper House Mother is found, I shall be taking the mantle.” Luna frowned in anger, looking away from the girls and up to the clock.

“Son Of A Bucking Fu..” Adagio screamed even louder as the bell went off, drowning her out with ease.

Indeed this slice of heaven, had become hell.