Once More.

by Strawberri

Back To School. ( Edited. )

“Why are we going back to that forsaken place again?” Aria asked with a never-changing look of malice across her face.

“I liked school! Free meals every day and you could nap whenever you wished! “ Sonata giggled aloud in a vacant manner.

“Because Aria if we want that Student Housing, we need to be in school!” Adagio snapped towards her charge angrily.

Each young woman dressed in drab and filthy clothing, their hair tangled and messy as a foul stench wafted from each of them. Dark circles hung under Adagio’s eyes from a lack of sleep, Aria seemed as if she were far beyond tense. Sonata just seemed like Sonata, a happy smile across her face and oddly enough a skip in her step.

“I think I’d rather be homeless.” Aria rolled her eyes, coming to a stop by a nearby wall as she leaned against it.

Adagio dragged to a stop as well, her slender hand gently placed atop her hip. Violet eyes glaring daggers at her friend, who in return just flicked up her middle finger.

“I hate this as much as you, but if I have to sleep in a ditch one more night!” Adagio gritted her teeth in anger.

“You’ll what?” Aria pouted her lips forming a hateful scowl.

“I’ll kill...Sonata!” Adagio rolled her eyes and stomped away in anger.

“Awww.” Sonata pouted, following Adagio down the sidewalk in a slump.

“Whatever! Good luck swallowing your pride biyatch!” Aria snapped after the two figures in the distance.

Sliding down the wall, she hit the ground with a dull thud. Huffing aloud in annoyance, she failed to notice a small black and white kitten walk out of a nearby box in the alley.

It was as filthy as herself, softly mewing as loud as it could. Walking over to the young girl it sweetly caressed against her small hand, large bright eyes gazed up in awe and wonder.

“Get away from me!” Aria snapped and roughly smacked the cat away with the flick of the wrist.


“Phst. I’d get away if I were you, we sirens used to eat dumb felines like you!” Aria smirked wickedly as she flashed a wink to the kitten.


“We nearly made a whole race of your kind extinct.” Her eyes glowed like fiery embers as she giggled evilly, using her thin finger to point tauntingly at the animal.

Yet instead of running in fear or mewing once more, it bared sharp white fangs and chomped down hard on her wrist. Her eyes widened in shock and pain, barely able to yank it free of her flesh.

“You little shite!” She growled in anger, tossing the kitten down the alley.

Within seconds two more kittens exited the darkness of the cold alley, both growled in anger while hissing loudly. Aria felt warm blood drip from her wrist slowly, rising to her feet in front of the cats.

“You better get out of here!” She stomped a foot hard on the ground.

Doing so seemed to summon a group of six kittens from the abyss, each growled or bared fangs. Every feline had sharp claws, eyes burning with an unnatural rage.

Aria could feel a cold sweat run down her backside, the cats drew near as she huffed aloud and darted off down the sidewalk after her sisters. Unsure if it were her insomnia, but she could’ve sworn she heard the cursed creatures laughing at her.

“Why are we allowing those creepy children back onto school grounds?” Luna asked her sister in slight confusion, standing in front of the half-open window of her sister’s office.

“Creepy or not. We did allow Sunset back with open arms, so we must do the same to any other special children.” Celestia spoke in a proper and calm tone.

“You call having some kind of magical singing ability special?” Luna snorted.

“More a less.”

“They almost transformed into Dragons!” Luna flung her arms in the air sarcastically.


“Tomato world-destroying Ta-ma-to.” Luna smacked her lips in a matter-of-fact tone, as her eyes narrowed to her older sister.

“Luna, if they wanted to take over the world or had their powers still, do you think they’d start at a high school?” Celestia slowly massaged her temples in defeat.

“Maybe!... I’d hope not though.” Luna rolled her eyes trailing off slightly.

“They need a second chance sister. So until we can know for sure they are safe, we will be teaching them in a private class.” Celestia spun around in her chair towards the wall with a playful smirk.

“What fool did you find to teach the little witches?” Luna giggled with a smug attitude.

“You dear sister.” A soft giggle just as smug replied

“No! You got to be…”

“Effin' me! I mean effin' me sideways!” Aria rolled her eyes gazing at a cute “Hang In There” poster.

“Kitties are cute huh?” Sonata smiled nudging her friend Aria in the ribs softly.

“...” Aria watched the cold lifeless eyes of the poster cat, staring deep into her soul ready to devour it whole. 

“If you two are done pussy watching!” Adagio snapped her fingers loudly, sitting in a chair at the front of the class with poise.

Aria gave Sonata a hard jab to the ribs, striding off towards the front of the class and plopping into the desk to the right of Adagio. Quickly slumping down into her seat, lifting boot-clad feet high onto the desk as she crossed them.

Sonata moaned in pain, a small hand held to her chest as she limped over to the front and took a seat to the left. Pouting softly she gazed over to the front door of the room, curious as to who would be their teacher.

“Why are we even quarantined anyway?” Aria sneered in anger.

“Because the school fears you.” A serious and bold voice spoke up from the door, each girl glancing to the side as Luna entered the room.

“As they should.” Adagio gave a grin.

“That kind of thinking is what got you three exiled in the first place.” Luna placed a hand atop her hip, as her eyes shifted to an indifferent expression.

“I wouldn’t say exiled. More like we just chose to leave.” Sonata giggled sheepishly.

“No! You three came to us for help, not the other way around!” Luna slammed down books and folders atop her desk with a thunderous thud.

 “So that means you will be following my rules!” The woman glared wickedly down to the three vacant stares before her.

“No Sass!” She sneered to Aria, who in return rolled her eyes.

“No talking! Unless spoken too!” Luna growled to Sonata who slumped down in her chair.

“Don’t you forget! It was I who controlled your mind like a puppet!” Adagio spoke up to the teacher, just as she came to a stop in front of her desk.

“Oh. I didn’t forget, if anything it is burned into my thoughts.” Luna placed slender hands atop the desk, lowering to eye level with the leader of this group.


“C’mon. Use that magic to control my mind again.” Luna smirked.


“I double-dog dare ya,” Luna spoke with swagger in her voice, raising a thin arched brow.

“Whatever,” Adagio whispered under her breath.

“That is what I thought. You three are no longer Gods or Monsters, just girls.” Luna rolled her eyes and stood straight with elegant poise.

“Three pathetic foul scented ladies. Who in my opinion ran out of options long ago.” Luna sighed in annoyance, her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“So final rule! My way or the highway!” Luna glared deeply into the eyes of Adagio, as silence filled the room slowly.

“Good. Welcome to hell ladies.” Luna smirked in delight, writing her name upon the chalkboard swiftly.

Adagio sighed softly under her breath, she knew this day would be a long one.

Question was:

Could her pride take it?