Once More.

by Strawberri

Welcome Home. Part.1.

The young ladies had to wait for the whole school to empty out slowly, the rush of the crowd in the hallways echoing for what seemed like hours. After the noise died off, Luna rolled her eyes and swung open the class door.

Each young woman shuffling out into the empty hall in annoyance, Luna following close behind them, her eyes blank and slightly angry.

“No offense. But do you have to be on our asses?” Adagio asked with a flip of her long vibrant hair.

“As long as you’re in my charge, I’m never letting you three out of my sight.” Luna rolled her eyes softly, her oversized purse slung around her shoulder.

“I just can’t wait to get home and then hit the streets!” Aria smirked to herself in slight enjoyment.

“Nuh-uh. No hitting of any type of streets with me.” Luna snapped back in a swift and stern manner.

“What!?” Aria glared in growing anger.

“We get to go shopping for new clothes maybe?” Sonata asked, remembering she entered them on the financial aid forms.

“My sister had already done that in advance. The rest of the funds will be in my charge.” Luna smirked as she pulled ahead of the girls, swinging open the school doors and heading out.

“Great! We get damn loser clothing!” Adagio pouted and punched a nearby locker in a swift strike.

“Phst. Trapped inside as well.” Aria scowled and kicked open the front door.

“At least we have each other!” Sonata smiled with a giggle walking ahead of Adagio, who simply kicked the young girl on her backside hard.

Outside Adagio allowed the cool crisp air to flow across her hair, the sun was hidden behind a couple of grey clouds and the parking lot was near empty. Violet colored eyes scanned the area, before spotting Luna near the bike locks.

“Phst. You ride a bike?” Aria giggled aloud wickedly as she rushed over to Luna’s side.

The woman rolled her eyes as she kneeled down beside a black ten speed, adding in a combination to the lock before it clicked open.

“My sister and I, share one car at this time.” Luna spoke in a serious tone.

“Soo. How do you decide who gets the car? Gambling? Please say gambling.” Aria crossed her arms over her chest with growing interest.

“In a way. We both guess a number, the one closest gets the car.” Luna flaunted a slender hand towards the girls.

“I assume she always wins?” Adagio rolled her eyes sarcastically.

“Most of the time. I’m not sure how she does it.” Luna spoke through gritted teeth.

“Is she the one picking the number?” Sonata asked sweetly, her head tilted off to the side.

“...” Aria raised a brow to Luna.

“...” Adagio slowly turned her head towards Luna as well.

“...” Luna felt her lips purse tightly.

In silence their blue haired teacher took off down the parking lot. Never saying a word as she spun around the corner and nearly vanished from view.

“I assume we’re walking then.” Adagio growled and rushed off.

“A little cardio never hurt anyone!” Sonata smiled and skipped off as well.

“Please strike them all down.” Aria spoke to herself in a whisper, shuffling off wearily into the distance.

“Welcome.” Luna sighed and flicked on the lights to the small cramped apartment, the area looking dim and less impressive than expected.

All three girls entered the living area in awe, it wasn’t much, but as the memories of the past slowly sank in, each girl knew at least it was theirs.

Luna wasted no time plopping onto the couch in defeat and glaring to the young women. Her hair once bouncy and full, now flattened and frazzled.

“Ok. You three shower up! You all stink something fierce.” Luna did her best to hold back a faux gag.

“Afterwards go to the room with a “S” on the front and get dressed.” She continued in a half hearted speech.

“Whoa! Just one room?” Adagio asked in shock.

“Well it’s a two room. But the other is mine, inside the one you’re sharing are two beds.” Luna smirked with a sly attitude.

“Two of you will just have to bunk up.” She finished with a hidden giggle, behind her slender hand.

“I get a bed! ALONE!” Adagio snapped in anger.

“I get the other bed.” Aria growled under her breath.

“Ari…” Sonata gazed to her friend, who slowly shook her head side to side.

“I’ll just sleep on the couch.” Sonata sighed.

“After you’re all dressed. Aria you are on dinner duty.” Luna nodded to the girl, who just scoffed aloud.

“Sonata you will be in charge of the dishes.” Luna smacked her lips slowly.

“And you Miss Queen of the Serpents. Will be on cleaning duty.” Luna narrowed her eyes to the leader in suspicion.

“You are not acting very much like a teacher!” Adagio snapped in growing anger, her fist clutched at her side tightly.

“I’m off the clock. As of now I’m just your worst nightmare.” Luna growled back, kicking off her shoes to the floor in front of Adagio.

The leader of the group gazed toward the teacher in uncontainable rage. Her eyes slowly began to glow a dark crimson color, hands un-clutched to reveal clawed hands. Adagio lifting high into the sky before the scared woman, the teen letting her rage flow through her.

“You dare push me around!” Adagio hissed wickedly and shot a beam of red energy into Luna, she screamed in terror her whole body stiffening.

Her pale blue skin becoming that of lifeless stone, cracking near the sides as she fell to her knees, the stone prison locking her into place forever. Adagio floating over slowly, dark wings spreading from her backside as she giggled in delight.

“Don’t go falling to pieces on me!” Adagio giggled, swiping a clawed hand over the statue and shattering it to thousands of pieces.

“Hahahahahaha!” Adagio hissed with glee, thunder striking outside as storm clouds gathered over the building.

Her two comrades kneeling before her in respect.

“Adagio! Hello!? “ Luna raised a brow to the young girl, she was standing in place alone, her friends already off to fight over the shower.

“Hmm?” Adagio blinked in a daze.

“I said go and check out the room.” Luna scrunched her nose up slightly, the teen walking off in silence.

“Oh boy! This is going to suck.” Luna moaned, her head tilted back in defeat.