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This story is a sequel to No redemption.

Having finally been pardoned of her crime by Celestia, Lightning is left in the care of Fluttershy and friends in the hope that she will be able to start anew. But as Lightning sadly learned, wounds heal but scars remain.
And not every pony in the cold, hard world represents the elements of kindness.
Can Lightning find others to listen and understand.
Also check out my blog "Lightning isn't as bad a pony as she seems okay?" if you really wanna know what inspired me to write this story.

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Okay not to sound like I hate this fic which I don't but the other four are being complete and utter assholes. I'm trying my best not to go on a rant about this but we'll see how that goes. Otherwise great job mate.:raritywink:

So it seems like Lightning is friends with Indigo zap of Equestria. But AJ and RD are both going to be hard to convience.

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