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A lonely sad man with a love for horses and the true value of friendship craves just one equine friend to pass his empty days with. He knows that day will never come, but still its fun to dream.

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Hi. I'm relatively new to writing as well. I think you have an interesting idea: someone trying to bring a cartoon creation to life.

But in what direction do you intend to take it? Sci-fi? Fantasy? Is the man going to retreat into a pony fantasy like Lemuel Gulliver did?

I'm not discouraging you, just wanting this story to do okay.

Answer to this whole dillema?
Surround yourself with friends and family, and show your friendship with them! I mean, a person can want a pony to spring to life and all, not ragging you with that, but I mean, honestly actual real people and real conversation is all in all a wonderful thing. I do it all the time, and I'm happy. Not a sad, lonely man, but partially because I learned that being super anti-social in middle school gets you no where, because comparing notes with strangers is something you have to do. It is not a bad concept, but if this is an actual problem going around in adult lives, go to a club and have fun! Nightclubs are a great place to meet people, and even anti-social people can go out to eat somewhere. People are everywhere, and talking with them and sharing bonds is how us humans strive. We learn from each other, we tell jokes, we collaborate, we game, we sing, we could not have made it this far without simple communication. Without it, the human race could not have evolved to the point it is now. Liking MLP is fine, mostly because there are so many people around who don't give a damn if your gay or straight, or if you identify as an Apache attack helicopter, so being a fan of a kid cartoon isn't a good excuse either. All I'm saying is that you can like ponies to a CERTAIN extent, because if you are truly all about friendship, than that person must make friends with the people he meets, and sees.

This is not criticism, it is merely the truth. People who isolate themselves, and wish they had friends are just lying to themselves about that. And if they really ARE afraid of being made fun of for watching MLP (which is easy to solve, just knock TF outta whoever's talking shit to you) just go to a convention (which would be my VERY last resort for making friends) and talk with other people who share your interests. The protagonist has no reason to "wish" he had a friend, because if he actually believed he could go make some, than this story might just rocket in popularity. Half and half him learning to give up his fantasy for the real world, while still learning and appreciating what the show has to offer. But what do I know?

I'm just a 15 year old kid who is already on his path to a wealthy and plentiful life, with many friends that have survived many hardships with me.

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