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It was never the intention of an actually very caring golden maned mare, to do the terrible damage she did to five respected heroes of Equestria. Yet even in a land as fair as fair Equestria, the gift of redemption is harder for some than for others.
Good intentions alone can't save a criminal from their punishment.
Yet even in punishment, the magic of friendship and the elements of harmony can shine bright.

For some criminals who seek retribution, freedom is a long walk rather than a brisk run.
Yet Wonderbolts never yield.
And if there is one great statement that Commander Hurricane himself coined in the glory days of the Wonderbolts, it is that one should never laugh at former Wonderbolts.

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Apologies are never easy things to carry out, even in a happy land where each pony values friendship and love as the highest prize. But when they sometimes do turn out to be genuine and real, wonderful things can happen when the one you appeal to, acknowledges your guilt and decides against all previous experience to gift you the second chance you never thought you deserved.
Rainbow Dash however, will not be easy to convince after her harsh experiences with more double crossers and liars than she could care to name.

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A lonely sad man with a love for horses and the true value of friendship craves just one equine friend to pass his empty days with. He knows that day will never come, but still its fun to dream.

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"They thought demons and a rival school threatening their reputation was rough. They haven't seen nothing yet." For Lightning Dust, each day is a high stake gamble, where the only prize is her life and another day of blood and gore. It's not easy, and for those like the mane 6 of Canterlot high who value peace and friendship above all else, it's even seen as barbaric and cruel despite the risks Lightning takes upon herself in what she does.
But as Lightning explains, sometimes the right thing isn't easy to do, especially when the taking of lives is a necessary intervention to save the day. And recklessness in the right circumstances, is a virtue.

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When all appears to be lost for the hapless campers at Camp everfree, help arrives from an unexpected source. But any kind of help in a crisis is welcome, right?

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This story is a sequel to No redemption.

Having finally been pardoned of her crime by Celestia, Lightning is left in the care of Fluttershy and friends in the hope that she will be able to start anew. But as Lightning sadly learned, wounds heal but scars remain.
And not every pony in the cold, hard world represents the elements of kindness.
Can Lightning find others to listen and understand.
Also check out my blog "Lightning isn't as bad a pony as she seems okay?" if you really wanna know what inspired me to write this story.

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After seeing the terrible consequences of their selfish actions first hand, the Shadow bolts are horrified with their selfish actions and feel sick to the core.
Feeling horrified with themselves, they each vow to do better in the future.
But first, each must come to terms with their grief and apologize to the friends they wronged.
Meanwhile, not everything is as it seems. Who is this mysterious "Lightning Dust" who darts from alley to alley, trying to keep out of sight of the so called "police and authorities".
And why is a certain pink haired Wondercolt discreetly observing the Shadow bolts from a distance, away from her other friends.
And can the Shadow bolts reach a peaceful solution with their former rivals after first coming to terms with their own grief and regret.

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A sad lonely young boy meets a sad lonely young pony who is fed up with constantly being neglected by the other ponies and desperate for a rider. Little does he know what sort of ride awaits him and how it will improve his sad, unfulfilling life forever.
Probably a one shot.

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Charged with intention to kill and culpable ponycide, Lightning is sentenced to life without parole in a cruel,sadistic prison. Beaten, maimed and tortured daily, never able to escape this state, it seems this is one story with no triumphant end. But just who would show even the slightest sympathy to a guilty prisoner who deserves no sympathy. Who would have enough kindness to even remotely care?
(Lightning x Fluttershy)

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