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Apologies are never easy things to carry out, even in a happy land where each pony values friendship and love as the highest prize. But when they sometimes do turn out to be genuine and real, wonderful things can happen when the one you appeal to, acknowledges your guilt and decides against all previous experience to gift you the second chance you never thought you deserved.
Rainbow Dash however, will not be easy to convince after her harsh experiences with more double crossers and liars than she could care to name.

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So far so good. Keep it up.

Lighting Dust? Did i miss something what her tie with Rainbow? Last i reemmber she was kciekd out for nearly killing the others by accident due to being reckless.
She wasn't that clsoe to Rainbow.

Okay why is Lightning Dust there? You have my intrigued.

I'm surprised that Twilight didn't point out how stalker-ish this 'party' that Lightning Dust had planned might come across. Or that Pinkie didn't point out that a party isn't a party unless more than one pony is participating and present for the party.

There's a lot of 'tell' narrative very little 'show' narrative. This chapter honestly needs to be fleshed out more since this current incarnation is extremely lackluster.

I'm of two minds regarding this chapter. On one hand, I think that Fluttershy and Twilight ought to be present for Lightning Dust's surprise. Partly as a mediator between Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash, and partly to be voices of forgiveness and friendship and help Rainbow Dash to forgive Lightning Dust.

On the other hand, I am of a mind that having Rainbow Dash approach her friends afterward and talk to them about Lightning's apology party and get their thoughts and perspectives on it.

I'd like to see forgiveness given, because the way that I see it, Rainbow Dash is understanding forgiveness as trust, instead of the forgiveness that it really ought to be. Forgiveness is not trust, as trust broken is not easily earned, but forgiveness is all on the choice the injured party decides, whether to forgive or not.

Also, it should be pointed out that without making mistakes, an individual would not learn or grow, because mistakes make one look bad or insufficient and drive us to correct the mistake and so further self-improvement. Lightning Dust made a mistake, but it is going to be much harder for her to apply what she has learned if no one will forgive her and give her a chance.

Plus, if she encounters enough antagonism and unforgiveness, it might be factors for her to return to her previous antagonistic attitude, because trying to reconcile with others wasn't working out.

What AuthorGenesis said.

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