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After seeing the terrible consequences of their selfish actions first hand, the Shadow bolts are horrified with their selfish actions and feel sick to the core.
Feeling horrified with themselves, they each vow to do better in the future.
But first, each must come to terms with their grief and apologize to the friends they wronged.
Meanwhile, not everything is as it seems. Who is this mysterious "Lightning Dust" who darts from alley to alley, trying to keep out of sight of the so called "police and authorities".
And why is a certain pink haired Wondercolt discreetly observing the Shadow bolts from a distance, away from her other friends.
And can the Shadow bolts reach a peaceful solution with their former rivals after first coming to terms with their own grief and regret.

Chapters (3)
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Hoping to see more of Zap and Dust soon, good story

Well done Sunny. Well done. But also who was that. You got me pondering, but keep up the work.:twilightsmile:

Another good chapter, enjoyed it, I really enjoy your whole story concept, really hoping to see more of Lightning Dust reeeaaaal soon! :) Anyways, keep up the good work!

Noticed at least one major grammar-related error:

he stared at her with eyes of flame that made him look more of a serial killer than a serial killer.

You used the object of the comparison twice.
In regards to your characterizations, you can't go wrong to be honest, since we don't know their full back stories canon-wise. But your efforts seem to be some of the better ones. Maybe next chapter do Lemon Zest? Really curious to see how she is affected since she appears to be Crystal Prep's Pinkie Pie
On another note, I both enjoy and am curious to see more of how the story will unfold. Please keep it up, really curious to see how Lightning Dust fares next, and hoping that Sour Sweet stays ok, please update soon! :)

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