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Fabian Corcair

An Artist's purpose is find what's best relevant to what you goal is, experiment, originate new ideas, and rinse and repeat


Trixie will travel from Ponyville to Appleloosa, and she'll stop at nothing for her to make one the finest shows that she can offer. An adventure will await for all of those who dare to read this.

For this will be about... The Great and Powerful Trixie!!!

(There will be no true present or past tense in this AMAZING STORY!!!)

Writer: Brony Philosopher
Pre Reader/editor: Midnight Gypsy
Moderator/publisher: Eldorado

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Comments ( 2 )

Heyo! I believe this could be even more comical if you maybe tried working on describing what is happening and paragraphing ^^

Other than that, it got a few laughs outta me! Cool story:pinkiesad2::heart:

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