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An Artist is not to achieve one's aspirations as to feel satisfied, but to master one's skill by experimentation and brainstorming to the point that they're bursting out ideas like a volcano


History in Equestria is mostly written from the Equestrian's perspective, some from other species that speak the same language, but none describe the perspective of the intelligent animals that live in their daily lives, that unfortunately cannot talk to us in their language. These are the stories that give word to their encounters and relationships with ponies of Equestria.

Note from squawky:
(Caw! Actually, the Equine doesn't just apply to ponies from Equestria, yet this story's perspectives mainly surround Equestrians. Unfair representation at this best!! [Also, we had bad case of bird flu. Crows don't normally say squawk, we say caw. We're not parrots, author! This one's on you for insisting on trivial poetry creative licensing. It's my biography, not yours!! [Chapters, and now short stories? I'm )

(A collection of Flash fanfiction from the animal's perspective in Equestria... And a few from the "Equines" just because... the story demands it [Some are miniature stories that are divided into flash chapters, how did this come about? Shamefully inserted plots. And last and not least, some of the few last chapters will have the word count of short stories. Where has my life gone wrong.)

Chapters (15)
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Basically, it's a story that's a thousand words or under (Some may debate that, but it's just really short in general) That is why this is an anthology, it's so I could write flash fiction but still get in within the word count available

I didn't know crows were comunists:rainbowlaugh:

Preety cool tho. [This "collection"] Sure is an interesting take on the universe

:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:That's not what meant at all, goofball. I was trying to go for something like Tribalism which is one of many animal instincts

We guess you meanr hive mind but we do understand, come to the think of it, you should join us in the great move of foodn't (also known as 1940's comunism)

Thanks for all the faves, you guys. Never had this many faves in ever! I just wish that I had as many likes as i have many faves:rainbowlaugh: That would be something

All criticisms are welcomed with open hooves. Come and join the comment section!:twilightsmile:

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