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Cumulus is a comedian in the works, who loves serious stories, including Mysteries, Adventures, Science Fiction, and Romcoms!


Sunny has left her friends behind and lost her memories involving her identity. She travels to a place known as Bronze Village, where sheep rule, and ponies serve if they are allowed to stay at all. She quickly meets a rebellious lamb with the nickname Kinder and after meeting the leader of the sheep, Kinders grandfather Dag, the two bond over night.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 3 )

Is Sunny related to Sunny Flare?

Nope. I've never even heard of Sunny Flare.
Of course, color schemes like hers and the name Sunny are pretty common.
But again. No relation to this Sunny and Sunny Flare.

Sunny and Sunny Flare dont even have similar colors. (Juar looked sunny flare up)

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