Sunny and Kinder: The Sheep of Bronze Village

by Cumulus

The Obviously Rushed Stand Off

A small hoof shot up quickly, hitting Sunny hard in her face. She squeaked and looked at Kinder, whos little hoof was raised into the air. She chuckled nervously and slowly placed her hoof back to the carpeted floor.

"I uh... didnt expect a kiss on the nose. Sorry 'bout that." Sunny rubbed her muzzle and pounced suddenly.

"Hyah!" She let out her soft war cry as she rolled around, clinging to Kinder, who in turn began clinging to Sunny, screaming and laughing as the two playfully fought. The rolling stopped and Kinder found herself lying on top of Sunny. She used her two front hooves to pin Sunnys forelegs in place, and then admired the way Sunnys mane and fur reflected the colors of the sun that lit up the room they were in. Sunny looked up at Kinder and shook her head with a tiny smile. Her red tongue sticking out of her mouth as she locked her green eyes on Kinders yellow eyes.

"I win." Kinder whispered before leaning forward, gently pressing her muzzle against Sunnys, closing her eyes, and kissing her slowly. Sunny giggled and broke the kiss, booping Kinders nose as she easily broke free of her hooves.

"It's a tie silly!" She exclaimed, wiggling free and smirking. "Now... Let's get to work on my plan." Kinder shook herself back to reality and nodded.

"Right... What is your plan?" She laughed nervously. Sunny rolled her eyes and smiled.

"I challenge Dag, fight him and win hopefully, while i do that, you free the ponies. Simple enough right?" Kinder nodded and fixed Sunnys mane for her, and wrapped a red bandana over her brow. Sunny looked to her mockingly and Kinder shrugged.

"I don't know, I read this in a book once." Sunny nodded and closed her eyes. She had never done something like any of this before. Her mind raced as she thought of her friends she had left to find herself again and sighed. Kinder cleared her throat and prodded Sunny with her hoof. Sunny opened the door and looked back to Kinder.

"No matter how this fight goes, do not get involved. Okay?" Kinder nodded and watched as Sunny trotted outside, and then headed towards the door in the back of the inn.

"Dag! Dag! I challenge you! Come out here you cowardly sheep!" Sunny shouted, standing up and scanning the village. Sheep ran inside their homes, ponies watched from open windows, it was like a classic showdown.

"Oh, is that right? And why should I care? Hm?" Dag exited the mayors office and walked out onto the bare dirt road, stopping in front of Sunny and snickering.

"Because I'll be taking your ponies with me, and freeing them." She muttered, stomping the ground beneath her, dirt rising in the air as her hoof impacted the ground. Dag rolled his eyes and turned back.

"Fine, but that won't be happening, as I will be the winner." Sunny shook her head, but sqeaked in surprise as Dag suddenly tackled her to the ground, making her smack against the dirt with a hard slap. He began pummeling her with his pointy hooves, cutting and bruising her face and chest with each hit. Sunny screamed as she jabbed the big, old sheep in his left eye, causing him to back away, momentarily stunned from the pain. A thin trail of blood ran down his cheek.

Kinder hopped up, onto a small platform beside a cage inhabited by a teal and blue unicorn.

"Hey pal. Any others here besides us?" The unicorn shook his head and pointed a weak hoof towards a single glass table with some papers and a key resting atop it. "There coupdnt be an easier way." Kinder commented, hopping down and recieving the key. She carefully unlocked the cage and turned to find the rest of the ponies when she was hit with a red blast of magic.

"Really dude?" Kinder grunted, climbing up to her hooves, frowingoat the unicorn, who turned purple and silver. He nodded and smiled. Kinder rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"Screw it. I have a couple spare minutes."

Sunny kicked her hing legs, connecting her hooves with Dags face, leacing behind a horshoe marking in his fleece. Dag fell over, rolling in pain as Sunny turned to face him. Why was it so easy to fight him? She wondered before Kinder sped past her.

"Sunny! Huge problem!" Sunny looked towards Kinder and saw a unicorn close behind her.

"Hey! Creep! Leave her alone!" The unicorn stopped and turned around, smirking as he teleported directly infront of her.

"What? Want me to fight someone my own size?" Sunny nodded and glared at the unicorn, who glared back.

"No, but close." She leapt, jumping towards him when he teleported again, causing Sunny to crash into the dirt.

"Kinder! Finish the job. I'll keep this guy busy.." She gulped and whispered, "though i don't know for how long."

Kinder ran around, freeing pony after pony. All the while Sunny desperately fought the unicorn.

"Look man, why are you even fighting with us? We freed you!" The unicorn shook his head.

"No, you freed my slaves." Dag grumbled in unison with the unicorn. Sunny snarled and tackled the Unicorn, hitting hoof after hoof against his head.

As Sunny hit the unicorn, he saw a ring wrapped around the unicorns Horn. It glowed red like his magic. Kinder must have also aeen the ring, because she dived towards the unicorn and slipped the ring off his horn. He returned to his teal and blue colors.

Dag stood up and grumbled. Looking at Sunny with disgust. Sunny and Kinder were too busy celebrating to notice. He slowly hobbled towards them. One eye shut tightly, the other focused on Sunny as she hopped with joy. She stopped when she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck.

"I'm gonna kill you." Dag growled, raising his hooves high into the air. Kinder puahed Sunny out of the way, and received the blow, toppling over as he continuously beat her. Sunny gasped aa she saw thia and headbutted him, knocking him off of Kinder.

"You stupid coward." Sunny stomped on his face until he stopped moving. She then turned and checked on Kinder.

"Chill Sunny. We did it." Kinder stood up but cringed from the pain. "You seriously owe me." Sunny looked at her and nuzzled her softly.

"I do." She looked around as some of the sheep ran, leaving the village. The ponies and remaining sheep leaving their hiding spots. "But only if you come with me." Kinder rolled her eyes.

"Fine. Just, no more surpri-" Sunny interrupted her with a soft kiss on her lips. She squeaked and broke away.

"Come on, let's leave so they can do their thing." Sunny happily said, skipping off, Kinder following closely behind her. The ponies and sheep surrounding the weak Dag. He laughed nervously.

"Hey, how are y'all doing?" They glared at him furiously. The teal and blue unicorn snarled. "Oh haybales." He muttered as they drew closer.

"Sunny?" Kinder lie beside Sunny, their forlegs wrapped around each other. Sunny opened her eyes slowly.

"Hm?" Kinder leaned in and brushed her hoof along Sunny's orange mane.

" Your hoof is crushing my leg."

"Sorry." She smiled and readjusted herself. Kinder poked at Sunnys chest and got up out of bed. Sunny watched as Kinder checked their bags.

"Sunny, where's the map?" Sunny's eyes went wide.

"It's not in there?" Kinder shook her head. Sunny laughed a little before letting he ears droop.

"Oh crap."