Sunny and Kinder: The Sheep of Bronze Village

by Cumulus

First Night

Sunny followed Kinder through a long, winding hallway. There were no windows for the stars to shine through, making it near impossible to navigate, but they did eventually find their way over to the door on the opposite end. Sunny watched the small lamb walk to the door, her fleece bounced softly with each step, she was almost entranced by the little things movement, it took Kinders relaxed voice to snap Sunny back into reality.
"Here we are.." Kinder slowly pushed the door open with her little right hoof and sighed contently as she breathed in the smell of cinnamon and Pine, a scent she had grown to love since her first day at the inn. She smiled for a brief second taking in her surroundings, Sunny also took the time to admire the inn.

Every inch of the floor was covered with a ratty-looking, cream colored carpet, which had spots matted down from excessive use. Bits of the material had loosened to the point where they were just coming off without any effort. The walls and ceiling were made of light colored wooden planks, which gave off the oaky-pine scent Kinder loved so much. Directly to their right as the trotted through the door, there was a small desk with a small piece of paper nailed to it. A pen and tiny bottle of ink beside it. Behind the desk were exactly three hooks presumably for keys to rest on, but only one of which a key was found dangling off of. Kinder muttered something under her breath and grimaced. Sunny tilted her head and smiled at Kinder.

"I guess this means you get to bunk with me. I totally forgot i already rented the spare rooms out for the night." Kinder tapped her front hooves on the desk and thought for a moment. Sunny took advantage of the moment and looked at the cute lamb. She looked to be around Sunny's age, and Sunny admired her non chalant attitude and calm voice.

"Uh, Sunny? Are you oggling me?" Kinder had looked back ever so slightly, subtly checking on her new acquaintance, and frowned as she caught the mare staring at her. Sunny, who had never been known to do this before shook her head, hiding the embarrassment on her face.

"Wha-what? Me? No.." Sunny was an awful liar, and her overly obvious denying tone did more than give her away. Kinder snickered, finding this rather entertaining.

"Good grief Sunny. How have you survived so long if your such a terrible liar?" Kinder teased. She smirked before going back to looking at the keys. She hopped over the desk, nabbed the key, and bounced backwards. Her hooves hit the ground gracefully as she landed. She turned around to face Sunny and set the keys down on the carpet.

"Now, we've got to settle this before I allow you in the same room as I..." She leaned forward with an eyebrow cocked upwards while the other rested firmly in place. "Do you wet the bed?" Sunny looked at Kinder for a moment and shook her head.

"Nope!" She beamed before looking at Kinder, who backed away and nodded her head, her fluffy fleece swaying with her head.

"Good!" Sunny watched as Kinder walked towards one of the three doors in the back. She slowly unlocked it and looked back to Sunny and whistled quietly. "Well? Come on. I dont have all night." Sunny happily trotted to her and followed her into the room. Kinder looked to make sure no sheep were there and shut the door, locking it.

"Thank you for allowing me a place to sleep Kinder." Sunny said, excitedly. Her eyes fixed on the sheep.

"Eh, no worries. I couldnt let you sleep outside and be picked up by some slaver sheep, could I?" Kinder watched the mare carefully, she stood three feet away from her, and now Kinder could smell the citrus fragance she had on her. The two looked at one another, and as Kinder took a step forward, Sunny smiled nervously and cleared her throat.

"So uh... Tomorrow I gotta help you. You have to split before Dag comes looking for you. Trust me, you dont want to see him tomorrow." Kinder stretched, climbing gently onto the small bed, and into the plain blue covers. Sunny looked around and softly tapped the lump of blankets that now held Kinder inside.

"Kinder? Got any spare blankets and pillows?" Kinder lifted the blankets up and looked at her with annoyance.

"Get in bed Sunny.." She stared blankly at Kinder, who rolled her eyes and patted beside her okn the bed. "Just.... Stay on your side.." Sunny softly climbed over her and laid down beside Kinder, closing her eyes trying desperately to fall asleep before her mind wandered. Kinder, though, let her mind race. A thousand different scenarios played out in her head, and she curled up beside Sunny as she fell asleep. Kinder could not sleep as easily. But she took the time she had to take a quick peek at Sunny under the covers. She slept, curled up in a ball, her eyes closed, her breaths soft. Her chest rising and falling gently. Kinder leaned in and pulled the blankets up more, covering Sunny more. Kinder felt tired and confused as the night went on until eventually, she fell asleep, resting against Sunnys stomach.

As night turned to day, and the sun brightened up the world, Sunny yawned, waking herself up. She opoened her eyes slowly and saw covers surrounding her, and a soft head pressing against her stomach gently. She tapped the head and Kinder squeaked.

"Stay on my side of the bed huh?" Sunny snickered. Kinder smiled sheepishly and got out of the bed.

"What? I was cold.." She explained, looking up to Sunny from where she stood. Sunny nodded and kept a thought to herself, hopping out of the bed and looking out the framed window curiously.

As she watched the sheep and ponies rush around outside, she noticed a large, angry, older looking sheep walk towards the entrance of the building they were in.

"Uh Kinder?" Kinder had been pretending to brush her fleece when Sunny spoke to her, causing her to drop the brush and go wide eyed for a second.
"Huh? What?"
"I think-" A loud and hurried knock on Kinders door interrupted her, followed by a gruff, southern sounding voice that cracked through the air like a whip.

"Kinder?! Who's that with you in there?" Kinder took in a deep breath and motioned for Sunny to hide under the bed. She nkdded and did so as Kinder cleared her throat.

"I'm the only one here Dag. Relax. I kicked that outsider pony out of town earlier, thought I'd get some rest in since I was up so early." She made a face as Dag snorted frokm outside her door.

"You've got a hour to get outside and open this damned inn and tevern of yours. Or I'll have Butch tear this place down. Ya get me?" Kinder smirked and kicked at the door.

"Yeah, yeah, an hour. I get you Dag. Whatever." She went silent and watched outside the window until she saw Dag walk angrily back into the Mayors office. Sunny peeked out from under the bed and cleared her throat.

"Shall I leave?" Sunny asked, climbing out. Kinder nodded and began handing Sunny things to put into her saddle bags.

"Kinder, why don't you come with me?" Kinder shook her head.

"I need to stop Dag from harming any ponies. He used to execute them when they fought against his view." Sunny frowned and looked out towards the Mayors office.

"What if I helped you stop Dag and his sheep? Would you think abiut coming with me?"

"Why do you want me to come? We don't know each other."

"I dunno, I guess I just like ya." Kinder took in a deep breath and thought for a moment. She nodded held her hooves together for a moment before touching Sunny.

"Help me first, then we'll talk. Deal?" Sunny nodded and smiled eagerly. She pecked Kinders nose and stood up straight.

"Deal! Now let's figure out what the hay we're going to do!"