Sunny and Kinder: The Sheep of Bronze Village

by Cumulus

Bronze Village

The wind blew gently, caressing Sunnys furry, yellow face. Her green eyes squinting as she searched for a familiar pony. Something she would never see again. She was far from home... Not that she could tell anyway. She held no knowledge of who she was or what she did. All she knew, was that she was standing in a unfamiliar place. Perhaps she would finally be some place where none of the other ponies asked questions, or demanded insane amounts of sugar.

Sunny cringed at that last thought. She had once been thin, but now, her body was thick. She had eaten far more than she would like to admit over the last two years. Her then lover had gotten her into the habit. Luckily she had broken free of said habit, and relationship, but her body had not yet recuperated from the insanely high intake of food, leaving her still very pudgy.

Sunny rubbed a hoof over her fat belly and sighed. At least now she had a chance at a fresh start. Maybe she would uncover the truth about herself and why she could not remember a single thing.

"It's fine... As long as I keep trying, I'm bound to find something or some pony linked to my past." She muttered happily, ignoring the looks she was getting as she trotted along a paved pathway which was leading her directly into a small town, filled with life. Her messy orange mane bounced with each strangley large step the mare took.

"Hiya!" She squeaked, waving a hoof to a disgusted looking couple of Unicorns. She ignored their rude behavior and stopped trotting, scanning the crowd, hoping she would see a pony and spark her memory, but of course, it did not. Instead, it only made her seem more odd as she looked to each pony, her little red tongue sticking out between the lips of her muzzle. Her eyes darting to each passing mare, stallion, or foal she saw.

Sunny, although not the smartest Earth Pony around, was in fact quite the positive thinker. Often times she would try and find the best out of a horrible situation. Which in turn, could make her look rude or dumb, given certain scenarios in which she would giggle. But that was a rare thing.

Sunnys mind began to wander, making her slowly stop greeting every single pony she saw. Her tongue still protruded from her muzzle, unbeknownst to her. She began to daydream about her friends she had left behind, and was rudely interrupted by something smacking her. Or had she smacked into it? Whatever the case, she toppled over and with a pomf, she was atop the warm, furry thing she had hit or been hit by. Sunny couldn't help but quietly giggle.

"Sorry about that! Did I run into you? Or vice versa?" She looked down and beamed, ignoring the fact she was possibly crushing this poor creature. The thing let out a muffled groan and with surprising power, shot out from under Sunny, and shook itself off. It looked up at the mare and sat extremely still. Its small floppy ears and fluffy fur shined brilliantly. Sunny leaned closer to see what this thing was. Was it a dog? A bunny? A cat? No... As she looked it over, she noticed its crossed eyes and snickered. The thing looked at her with a hurt expression.

"Aw, I'm sorry. That was pretty rude of me." She smiled and patted its head. The thing opened its mouth. What sound that came out startled Sunny, causing her to jump back like a cat.

"Get off me." The little lamb muttered, her crossed eyes readjusted, fixed on the yellow mare that had smashed into her. She sighed and slowly stood up. Her legs buckled and she fell back down. Why did this have to happen to her? The pony smiled apologetically and offered a hoof.

"Sorry about that... I was in my own little world." The lamb lifted a dainty little hoof and pokee through her golden fleece, scratching her head. She slapped her hoof on the earth pony's and smiled back.

"Eh, whatever. No worries ma'am." She gave the pony a curious look but decided she didn't care enough to ask for a name. She saw the pony stand up straight and knew she would get her name anyway. Of course she would. Thats what these ponies did. At least this one was being nice so far.

"Im Sunny! What's your name?" She grinned to the lamb, who forced a smile back.
"No idea. Doesn't matter." The lamb grunted, slowly looking away. She looked back to Sunny, sighed as she saw her keeping that enthusiastic grin, and muttered to herself before deciding to let her nickname slip through her teeth. "I guess you can call me Kinder. You know.. Like kindered spirit?"

"Nice to meet ya Kinder!" She beamed, her tongue still dangling out of her mouth. Kinder looked around, and after seeing none of her friends around, quickly gave a small smile back.

"Yeah, whatev." She went back to her blank expression. "Uh. You trying to be funy or somethin'?" Kinder poked the tongue and wiped her hoof off immediately. Sunny returned her tongue to her mouth and fixed her mane.

"Whoops! Sorry. Thats not always under my control." She looked around. The place was just full of ponies moments ago, but now, as the sun began to crest over the hills,there was no other ponies in sight. Kinder noticed this as well and groaned.

"Oh... Great..." Kinder muttered, slowly moving towards the nearest building and knocking on the door. Sunny watched as the door opened and an elderly sheep poked his head out.

"What is the matter Lamb Chop?" He asked. Kinder shied at the mentioning of her name and pointed towards the darkening sky.

"Night comes quicker this day." The old sheep noted before turning his gaze to Sunny. "And this would be who?" Sunny took a deep breath, preparing to tell the sheep her name when Kinder covered her muzzle.

"Well Dag, I didnt catch her name. I did hear her mention leaving early tomorrow. I offered her a room at the inn. Fifty bits. So I shall be shjowing her to it now if you don't mind." She hurriedly dragged Sunny through a door, which brought them to the back room of a bar. Kinder shut the door and let out a deep breath.

"What was that about Kinder?" Sunny asked, adjusting her stance at the door. The lamb shook her head.

"Dag isn't very open minded. He thinks all ponies are trash. So do alot of sheep and lambs here. Didnt you notice the separate lines? One for ponies, and one for sheep."Sunny scratched her head and looked at Kinder.

" If that's the case, why were you in line with the ponies?" Kinder rolled her eyes.

"I was protesting. I think having seperate lines is stupid. Why should ponies be treated differently just because we were here first?" Sunny nodded and looked at the floor. There was a white chalk line splitting the bar in half. One side said Sheep, while the side they stood on said Ponies. Kinder tapped Sunny and lifted a ring of keys off the wall inside the bar.

"Come on. I'll show you to your room.." Kinder muttered, hopping over a step, swishing her fluffy tail as she turned. "Hurry, before Dag decides to kick you outta town!" Sunny trotted up alongside Kinder, smiling at the small lamb, who looked up and rolled her silver eyes. "Dont get all mushy just yet. There's a reason this room is vacant..."