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After Smart Cookie helped to defeat the Windigos, she thought that returning to her normal life would be easy. Yet, it seemed like fate had other plans for her. Plans that revolved around two unconscious fillies at her door.

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needs a part 2 now

7919427 Yup. Hopefully when school begins to calm down I'll have time.

Tracking, because it deserve to be continued.

7919756 I agree. After finals week, I'll try and come up with rough drafts.

Cuz it's good.:trollestia:

You should write more. Though I do think this chapter needs a second go too. Cookie ought to be more shocked at alicorns, just feels like the conflict resolved too easy.

7920625 Okay, I'll try and fix it

7920705 Glad your not giving up far too people forget constructive criticism is meant to tell you your work is good but can be better.

“What’s that smell?” Luna questioned.


7921466 I agree. :twilightsmile:
I added a few more of Smart Cookie's thoughts, though I'm not sure if it conveys how shocked and worried she is. Would it be okay if you look to see if what I added is satisfactory?

7921696 It's better for sure. Little bit extra feels like all that was needed. Cookie's reactions feel more real with just that bit of internal monologue

How difficult could it be to raise two alicorn fillies?

.... Do you really want an answer to that question Smart Cookie? But given that you are a 'smart cookie', you should have an idea.

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