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8050139 Yes, but this is a remake. Just removed the other one earlier

8050342 Understood. I hope you enjoy this remade version of it ^^

I think you got an anime style pinkie pie down pat.

The Blair Witch?!

*Nopes the heck out of there*

Just kidding, keep up the good work!

just from the cover image alone I can tell that this will be a glorious cluster fuck.

my body is ready.

8083520 I suppose that's one way to describe this x3

Look at the little list along the top of the comment box. There’s a little smiley face on it, and all the pony emoticons are still there. That and they added a TON more :twilightsmile:

in more ways then one.:raritystarry:
now then. where were we....:duck:

So the Elric brothers come into play now... This is gonna be gooood, XD

I'll be happy to tell ya what's in this so far (this includes single character appearances too):

Assassination Classroom
My Little Pony
Soul Eater (Blair)
Fullmetal Alchemist
Black Butler
Blue Exorcist (the moth in S03Ep1 :derpytongue2:)
Black Bullet (Seitenshi)
Tenjou Tenga (Emi Isuzu)

... Underline, this is So Far :raritywink:

Also, do Avatar and the legend of Korra count as anime or do they count as cartoons?:unsuresweetie:

Well it appears Anime, but it's made in western animation, so make that what you will

Either way I would also recommend them as well, after all you did manage to turn MLP into an anime:moustache: plus it would be nice to add a little spiritual nature into the mix.:raritystarry:

true that *giggles* It's a sure maybe, I'll grant it that. I'm glad you're enjoying this as much as you are and suggesting more options to the mix too :twilightsmile:

it is also recommended to not go with anime like Toriko or Dragon Ball, too OP. Can’t have a story if everyone is already dead or if its an unfair fight. But that’s just my opinion.:derpytongue2:

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