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im just a brazilian amateur writer and drawer, i think that is pretty much of what i do in the fandom


Stables...large underground shelters built to protect it's inhabitants from the horrors of the nuclear Holocaust.
Inside these stables had all the resources and technology stockpiled, all the things that seemed necessary for survival were inside those...but did you ever thought that an essential part of that machinery could broke and somepony had to search for the replacement part trough the dangerous and unforgiving equestrian Wasteland?
Well our story is about an young pony that received this quest, his journey through the harsh wastes to find the piece of technology that will save his stable is a long road, and every long road has it challenges...will he be able to overcome these challenges and save his stable in time? And worst will he be able to endure the wasteland to save it from the clutches of an ancient evil that came to haunt the present? Find out more on Fallout Equestria Unity

chapter 1 to 3 edited by fFillyphill

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thanks dude i might use most of that stuff but im planning to put some things that haven't been on fallout equestria


im planning to put some things that haven't been on fallout equestria

Reminds me of myself, except the result ended up in changing it until it was no longer Fo:E, I still haven't finished writing a chapter.


hmm..but somethings that im gonna put are based more on the older games than the modern games of the fallout series, but im not gonna put too many things or it might get a little out of FoE

I then came up with "there are no guns or radiation in it".

Well, when I said there were no longer any guns, the character I have as my profile pic is the exception. I also turned the Lightsaber (Lightbringer) into a sword-conjuring spell, and then decided "You know, there were a lot of missed opportunities with Mortem, I should try at it again. Ah, but I don't want to rip off Death Note... I should come up with something new in a similar concept, but how the hell does one come up with a notebook that kills people? ... Death Note is about the power to kill anybody and Code Geass is about the power to command anybody... what should I come up with?

"Of course! The ability to posses anybody! Oh god, I actually thought of something like that when I was little..!" And decided that the sword spell would be later on.

you should come up with the one of commanding anybody

I meant "come up with" in the creative sense.

It's alright. :eeyup:

Here's an example of the former:

Here's an example of the latter (It's only the first episode, but it counts as spoilers):

Here's an example of what I came up with:
*Error, example not found*

sounds good i liked it

then what it does? the idea you are trying to work on? (not being mean)

The problem was with using a singular pronoun when I showed three things.

A good start, but I feel the need to nitpick.

It wasn't nuclear. It was magical. Either balefire or megaspells. Needs a tad more editing from the fallout 1 intro.

My humble opinion. :trixieshiftright:
Rewrite it while you can.:rainbowdetermined2:
Story right now not looks as story. Its more like... if I would read real story and then trying to explain for someone what happened in it. Detalis, character and world development, dialougs, everything looks like you tried as little words as possible to write it. :facehoof:
Ofcourse ill read any foe story anyway. But here is a lot what can be done much much better.



thanks for the advice i will keep that in mind when adding or writing the other chapters :raritywink:

This captures the overall Fallout introduction quite well. Which naturally it extends to being a Fo:E introduction. Good start.

Bucking seems to be the way to go.

Hello there,
Just wanted to see if you plan on continuing your story here :)

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