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She is Scootaloo. She pulled a switcharoo. Now nopony knows what to do.

Updates will spontaneously combust.

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As a fellow story-in-rhyme enthusiast, I have to say, you're doing pretty well with this one! :pinkiehappy: One or two little nitpicks I would have given here and there, but nobody's perfect. :twilightsmile:

Lolz, this is ludicrous. :rainbowlaugh: More!

7902060 Happy to hear it! This is my first time trying something like this, and it's all thanks to irate boredom. If only all silliness was this easy!

7902186 I wish I could do silly. The one time I tried (without rhyme), it flopped. :facehoof: I rhyme with story behind it. I actually just finished my second one—waiting for my editor to look through it with me, then it'll be going up ASAP.
Keep following through with this switcharoo! I wanna see what you can do! :pinkiehappy:

I will be reading this in Zecora's voice from here on out.

I was wondering when you'd come back to this tale. I'm glad to see that your rhymes haven't gone stale! :raritywink:

8038520 Some of these rhymes, I must confess, appear to be little more than a mess. But in spite of the fuss and the effort it takes, I'm happy to make more rhyming mistakes!

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