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All I can do is watch, now. Can you imagine what it's like? I can see everything, and do nothing. Where is the justice in this?

What's the point of me, anyways?

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That artwork is awesome, did you make that yourself?

Wow... nice. I'll definitely be tracking this.

Oh, I remember seeing this on /fic/'s training grounds. I'll have to remember to take a look at it tomorrow when I'm more awake.

Nope, that was done by mrwoo6 on deviantart. I'm pretty happy with his work.

1477673 Also, pertaining to the story--This is so cool. If you're comfortable with doing so, I might suggest trying to get this up on Equestria Daily. This story's quality is certainly high enough for it to have a fighting chance.

This looks interesting. Will read.

This is different and getting very interesting. I'm wondering who or what the Hunter is now. If this chapter is leading to what I'm thinking...
It's gonna get far more interesting from here.

Hate to break it to you, but the story's labeled as being complete. The Hunt's basically a myth, there is no malevolent force going around killing all the Shepards.

1540843 Failed to see the complete sign.

But I know what the mythical Hunter is. It's fate's cruel take on probability. Perhaps almost like probability manipulation. That's my idea. Chances being manipulated by an unseen spell so that the Shepards don't live too long a life.

Sad to see it end like this...

Maybe... it's certainly up for interpretation. I took a more optimistic view of the ending. In fact, that's what I was aiming for throughout the story. But I won't sully other people's experience with my intentions. It's open-ended so people can make up their own minds about it.

Based just off of the last few paragraphs it seems that the hunt is the will to not sacrifice oneself to save the life of a stranger.

“I took a look at the hospital records: no foal died that night. The Hunt found him, in the middle of a hospital crowded with nurses, doctors and patients, and murdered him before he could Guide the foal. I have no idea what the consequences were; it can be hard to determine such a thing. Maybe we got lucky and nopony else suffered, or maybe, in a hospital in some faraway city, a foal never made it out of its mother’s womb alive.”

The wording might be a bit more obtuse than what would be natural for the sake of keeping up the plot, but it makes sense. The foal would not have died and the soul would not have been lost or passed on in any way if arrow had sacraficed himself. Honestly, the only part of the fic that I might be a bit confused on is when he's keeping an eye out for signs of the hunt. It might very well be that this is just to keep him busy and that there are no signs, but this would be the first lie he was told outright, rather than a lie by ommision.

Oh, and I'm at a loss for the whisper he hears "“So you’ve always been there.”" I'd love to hear someone's idea about that.

Finally got around to reading this story. Very well done! I love the twist in the end on what The Hunt actually is.


I think you got it backwards what The Hunt is (typo perhaps?).

It was Light who whispers "So you've always been there". He said that because it was at that moment that Light realized exactly what The Hunt was, which is the urge to sacrifice yourself to save another (not the will NOT to sacrifice yourself), and how all Shepards have that urge, especially, as was pointed out in the story, when foals or multiple ponies need to be Guided. Since they didn't know exactly what The Hunt was before that point, they were still on alert to whatever ethereal monster they believed it to be.

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