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Mist Twister


Luna has faced many challenges since her return as princess. Despite many being aware of her situation, the name "Nightmare Moon" always manages to rear it's ugly head and get her discriminated. The fear and hatred of others has become unbearable for the poor princess.

Join Luna on her quest as she learns to make friends, face her inner demons, and come to terms with her short comings. With the help of a familiar lavender pony, and someone not so familiar, Luna will come discover the magic of friendship and what lies beyond.

A/N: I want to give a ton of credit to Aurora, who has been so ever so gracious as to proofread and help polish this fic to the Nth degree since chapter 5. She deserves a ton of love so please visit her page and check her fics out too!

This is also follow-up to my previous story, "This is enough..." While it's not necessary to read it, I encourage readers to check it out to gain some background on the universe I plan to write most if not all my fics in and around!

Disclaimer: This fiction was written prior to the completion of season 3 of MLP: FiM. As such, it may contain inaccurate story elements and similarities that are purely coincidental. Please keep this in mind while you read it and I hope you enjoy the fic!

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Comments ( 167 )

(Will you keep makeing chaptor's?) ive enjoyed this *squee!*)
but im shure there might be like a few prob's in there but i dont care *throw's manual out window*

I hadn't expected Celestia to react so badly.... Good luck, Luna. :twilightoops:

I'm just gonna say it now. This WILL be featured

You added the guard part. Can't spoil everything I guess

so...while it's incredibly good...im also incredibly confused...the canon ending never happened here i presume? instead of fluttershy screaming, it was luna? and what was up with her utter lack of control? another thing that confused me was that she said that she had approached twilight several times and that twilight had called her a monster, when did that happen? im kind of tired, that might be (/is) severely affecting my cognitive abilities, so im gonna re-read this first thing in the morning i think...just to see that i got the right picture...

edit: i read through it quickly again and im definitely to tired to even think straight...im going to keep my original post though, the only questions that still really stands are the first three (out of four...:facehoof:), and i think i might have misinterpreted the whole thing slightly...as i said, going to re-read this in the morning (or mid day as other "normal" ppl call it)

Yes, this story will have several chapters until it's completen:ajsmug:!

Oh I would love that so much! :yay:

Haha, you got me :derpytongue2:

822223 and 822647
It ended up being confusing to many readers, and while this wasn't my intention, it will play out in a later chapter! 822721 pretty much hit the nail on the head though :twilightsheepish:!

im new to this web site can sompony help me i though there was a place you could type your story on the website bit i cant find it

The interest that spawned here.... Keep this up! I've been hipnotized!:applejackconfused:

Luna has face

Just fix that in the description, i know some who say that they wont even look at the story if they find a typo in the description. Good luck. :pinkiesmile:

Oh dear, how embarrassing :twilightblush:. Thanks for the catch!

Ah, so Luna was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? :twilightsmile: More accurately, just as Fluttershy broke down the doors. :rainbowlaugh:

okay, now when im not a braindead zombie, everything does make sense, i didn't think i was that far gone yesterday...
don't keep us waiting to long now!:pinkiehappy:

Hahaha, day gif!

Eeyup, lol :eeyup:

Haha, no, I can understand the confusion. I got the reaction a few times and decided to just make it part of the story as well :derpytongue2:. Chapter 2 might have begun already. Who really knows :trollestia:

That makes more sense, though Celestia's anger still seems odd. :rainbowhuh: After all, she was the picture of serenity and contentment later at Pony Joe's donut shop. :twilightsmile:

I don't really think Celestia was at angry mood, maybe it is just me.

If she was in any mood, I guess she :facehoof:.

You know just how to keep me hooked, 825267. :ajsmug:

Thanks, both of you! Hope y'all continue reading :pinkiehappy:!

awesome chapter!:rainbowkiss: i wonder when luna is gonna face celestia...they gotta sort that misunderstanding out...
ah well, now luna is finally gonna see twi!:raritystarry: im itching to read about the whole night from luna's point of view!:pinkiehappy:
how long was the piece you moved to the next chapter btw?

Why does Luna seem so harsh in this fic?

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it:pinkiehappy:! There's a lot in store for the next chapter and i hope i can turn some heads with it :pinkiegasp:

This is actually the piece i "removed" from the whole of chapter two, because It had such a different feel to it. Also, since it's in a different loc (Canterlot Castle) and Luna is going to Ponyville, i decided to just have it be its own chapter. I didn't like how the two meshed in one chapter so i took it apart. :derpytongue2:

She's got a lot on her plate. Adjusting to life back in Equestria hasn't been easy on her and maybe she's dealing with other things we really don't know much about... yet :pinkiegasp:

This was great I have to admit! Maybe only little bit short

very nice :twilightsmile:
always glad to see Luna's guard get a bit of recognition :yay:

glad you enjoyed it:twilightsmile:!
In what ways did you think it was too short? Content or Char development?

they're so cool and mysterious! There's no way i could write one about her without including at least a few of them:yay:! Eventide will become a more and more prominent character in the following chapters so i hope you grow to be interested in him too! :raritywink:


Well,as soon as I dive in to that story, It ended. Well, I´m not saying that it is a bad thing as soon as you update it frequently.
But yeah, kinda short, mainly because I am used to read ~6-8 thousand words on fic (yeah there was that one fanfic that has around 16k words, 1 chapter even 20k words, I was like wtf, and it took me around 3 hours to read it :pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:) . It is really not bad keep it short on the other hand, as people reading it will not get much distracted.

Keep up the good work, keep us updated! I hope as this story will be developing, you will get more views, your style of writing is quite nice :derpytongue2:

thanks for the input! I really appreciate it and hope to use some of the stuff people say to improve, but everyone her is so kind:fluttercry:! (except anonponies who downvote for no reason :trixieshiftleft:) I assume when you say "dive in" you're actually getting invested in the characters and plot unfolding and that makes me so happy to hear! The next chapter will be heavier, i promise :derpytongue2:

Also, thanks for the style compliment :twilightblush:

A very touching chapter, Mist Twister. :twilightsmile:

Thanks :twilightsmile:! Hope you continue to enjoy the read :pinkiehappy:

woot update and whats with the hoof kissing?:rainbowhuh:

great chapter!:pinkiehappy: you really captured the idea of luna being VERY behind and awkward socially. she really sucks at the friends-making part, i mean; everyone is afraid of her, everyone but twilight, and towards her she's sarcastic and bit hostile, at first at least.:rainbowderp:

when do you think the next chapter will be out? i mean; since you've split up the chapter into several part

Nice POV there.

Hoof kissing? Is that what Luna wanted from the Mayor?

Sorry, maybe i awkwardly described it. It's like when you kneel before royalty and kiss the back of their hand once they've offered it to you, haha. poor writing fail :pinkiesad2:

probably tonight:pinkiegasp:. Just getting in a few more revs and rewrites and it's going out:moustache:. granted, it's a bit shorter than the first shard, but i didn't want to overextend with every pony or it might feel like im just dragging out the episode.

you could hold on to it for 2-4 days or so, we're not in that much of a hurry, and the updates will feel a bit more frequent if you release a "new" chapter just as the previous one starts going cold. always good to have some kind of buffer to keep up a flow.

Step 1: Arrive gracefully

Step 2: Allow them to bow in respect

Step 3: Address the subjects and authority of the location

Step 4: Request the Kissing of the Royal Hoof

Step 5: Profit… profit? Who wrote that?

LOL on this one

anyways good chapter, the length its okay and I did not note any typos or anything.. I sincerely hope you will start to get more views. :)


yep agree with you on this

great advice! guess ill just get working on part three while two sits for a little while:twilightsmile:

yea, lol. idk sometimes random things just pop into my head and i figure i can add an outside joke in once in a a while, right?

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! It's a bit longer than the previous, but I'm trying to keep them all in a close range of each other in terms of size so this is cut from a larger piece again :rainbowlaugh:! I would absolutely love to get more views! So I'm kind of thinking ones that run on longer and with good quality generate an decent amount of attention, right? Let's hope for the best :heart:!


Yes that is a good thing to have them aproximetly the same lenght. :)

work to be done indeed o and how many chapters are you going to be elaborating the story through nightmare night:trixieshiftright:?


I honestly am not sure atm because I am playing with an idea i don't want to reveal but im not sure how I really feel about it. It was looking like at least 2-3 more pieces. I'm getting fidgety with where non-cannon pieces are going in. Sorry if it feels like it's dragging a bit (if it is, please say so!), but I wanted to really establish some support for the poor alicorn!

*looks at dislikes*

....:ajbemused:2 Dislikes......

*TWITCH*:pinkiecrazy: dISLIKES....?DiSLIKes?


WHo:flutterrage: DARES:flutterrage: TO :flutterrage:DISLIKE:flutterrage: THIS STORY:flutterrage:!?!?!?

Some Mean Meanie McMean-er-son dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Pinkie_Pie.png

Mist Twister is well on her way to make Luna my favorite Princess, not like Luna wasn't already.
Moonfall is becoming head cannon for me

Celestia is still my favorite princess (scratch that, she's my favorite pony), but Luna is awesome in her own way, and this story shows this amazingly well.



Now that I am wondering about it.. Shouldn´t it be like this?

Step 5: ????
Step 6: Profit.

:D Just wondering...

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