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An Age Of Iron story based on the characters and world of SFAccountant.

Solon of the 38th company has many titles, Warsmith, Commander, Right Hand of Perturabo, Bug Legs, That Guy, What's His Face The One That Talks Funny You Know Him, and many others.

Today he will gain a new title.

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I kind of want to see a picture of this now.

Ha! Although I must protest, no matter how much you slobber and lisp, it us not possible to fit a 't' in "bug". And I say this as a born and bred yunzer, I come from stock that firmly believe as an article of linguistic faith that there's an 'r' in "wash".


I'd like to thank 'Hey its that Pony' for fixing a lot of the dialogue and doing the editing for this story.

It should read much easier now.

This was an awesome premise, and did not at all go where I was expecting. :rainbowlaugh:

I hope SFAccountant decides this fic is canon. I love the idea that ponies feel compelled to worship anything pony-shaped that exudes a powerful magic aura.

I guess Manehattanite ponies just have a defective princess-respector gene. :derpytongue2:


You're quite welcome. :moustache:

Looking him up and down, Luna nodded in approval at his attire, her mind having made the sub-conscious connection of Solon=Big Pony long ago, around their fifth or so meeting within his dreams.

This is one of my favorite parts just because it makes so much sense for Luna in this setting.

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That was hilarious.

We desperately need a drawing of Princess Solon :rainbowlaugh:

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