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Stellar Light Sparkle


Someone's been doing silly things to Twilight, who finds someone else in Default control of her when she wakes up after a drinking binge at the Palace! Will anyone notice that she isn't herself? Is there anyone who is sober enough to notice?

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dam thats a long chapter like to see how this fares in the future.

a good idea, the narrative is not so loaded or tedious, or very simple or leave holes. :twilightsheepish:
that it leaves of the season :pinkiehappy: does he/she go later I finish current episode? .
name pony, good it doesn't name human. :rainbowhuh:
alone you don't load a lot of words so that you don't have author's blockade and you can continue he/she didn't say that it is 2000 words with 5 to 10 k this well so that you don't press yourself and I finish 1 to 2 weeks so that we don't wait and you stresses when going up the episodes. I wait the following one.

una buena idea , la narrativa no es tan cargada o tediosa , o muy simple o deje huecos . :twilightsheepish:
que parte de la temporada va :pinkiehappy: despues ultimo episodio actual ? .
nombre pony, bueno no nombre humano . :rainbowhuh:
solo no carges mucho palabras para que no tengas bloqueo de autor y puedas seguir no dijo que sea 2000 palabras con 5 a 10 k esta bien para que no te presiones y ultimo 1 a 2 semanas para que no esperemos y te estreses al subir los episodios . espero el siguiente.
desde mexico buena suerte y todo este listo cuando lo tengas

7346930 name pony, good it doesn't name human.

Yeah. Stellar can't remember if she was Human, Klingon, a computer program or what, because that information's been or is being erased from her memories.

alone you don't load a lot of words so that you don't have author's blockade and you can continue he/she didn't say that it is 2000 words with 5 to 10 k this well so that you don't press yourself and I finish 1 to 2 weeks so that we don't wait and you stresses when going up the episodes. I wait the following one.

I have a tendency to write until I reach a point where I find a chapter break. So the length of chapters might be a bit random. I also really don't like cliffhangers unless they serve a purpose.

it is not an obligation:trollestia:, it is a suggestion, I don't want to see as others that put on the goal of taking out every week or every 3 days and later 3 months later or one year there is not:raritydespair:, although in that I am similar to rainbow (I don't have patience I already want in following!!!! ):rainbowderp: but I have myself that I have to tolerate the wait!!!:rainbowkiss: so writes to your rhythm, to wait as all Twilight the following one. :twilightsheepish:
:ajbemused: seriously, alone writes what you see, and it allows to follow the history to where goes. it allows to fly, it lets him to guide you and don't get lost to the desires of other, you will be your who counts us that what I want to read or to force you to that put not happens (me as other) so you tell us that it happens that happened and like it was. luck and that the force guided you as you strength to continue. when this clever one alone you publish it later you warn us to read it:twilightsmile:

no es una obligacion:trollestia: , es una sugerencia , no quiero ver como otros que se ponen la meta de sacar cada semana o cada 3 dias y despues 3 meses despues o un año no hay:raritycry: , aunque en eso soy similar a rainbow ( no tengo paciencia quiero en siguiente ya!!!! ):rainbowderp: pero me tengo que tengo que aguantar la espera !!! :rainbowkiss:asi que escribe a tu ritmo , esperar como toda Twilight el siguiente. :twilightblush:
:ajbemused: en serio , solo escribe lo que ves , y deja seguir la historia a donde va. deja volar , deja que te guie y no te pierdas a los deseos de otros , seras tu quien nos cuente que pasa no lo que quiero leer o forzarte a que pongas ( yo como otros) asi que dinos que pasa , que ocurrio y como fue . suerte y que la fuerza te guie como te fortaleza para continuar. cuando este listo solo publicala despues nos avisas para leerla:twilightsmile:


pondering why you reuploaded these chapters

I was just about to blog why.

I split the first chapter, but they wouldn't just accept the 'new' chapter in place when I tried to move it, so the only way to get it in the proper order was to re-title and re-publish every chapter after it.

If there was another way, I don't know it yet. First time I've ever done this.

I can believe in her ability to fight, but this trick with catching a knife while avoiding another one and kicking the third one out of the air were way overboard, don't you think?
I mean it isn't a simple trick to pull off. It's something you would expect from someone after years of training and complete knowledge of his own body with majority of action done on reflexes. Stellar may have years of training, but in completely different body which she doesn't even remember beside mention 'hand-to-hand' once and she have no autopilot reflexes to borrow from Twi since Twi never were in military.

That's because you don't have all the facts yet about where she comes from. Stellar has indeed had years of training and NOT in a bipedal body, but even she doesn't realise it, yet. That's hidden from her and isn't in the memories Twilight got from her either. The one being who caused this to happen and can unlock those memories has yet to make an appearance. Her body-mind interface, however, is in place for her to access some of her older combat skills without her knowing it.

A lot of the background you haven't got is going to be told in Stellar's origin story, which I'm slowly piecing together as well. Needless to say, her name is not a coincidence, nor is her connection to Twilight and the Sparkle family.

Only part of the upper name that read 'ight' and the lower name 'na Blaze' remained. Stellar sighed.

Oh, this explains that 'grandfather' reference from Stella. Now to figure out how she got back after being reborn (?) and will we see her sister Corona (?)


Silver likely know what hands are since there are other races with hands and other appendages, but I'm quite positive it's not commonly used. Should be single-hoofed.

Brother, actually. He was only seven when he died...

Minotaurs have hands... but you're right.

but no less as maneuverable in the capable hands of an alicorn trained to use it.


Fixed... and thank you for actually pulling me up on these little gaffs. You're one of the first to do so...

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