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The conversion bureau and the ponies have been warring against humanity for 3 years now. Only the Americas are left and some of humanity is about to give up. But hope shall burn in the darkest of times. The ponies are about to learn that change will happen with six humans: the digidestined. But one question remains: how will their own kind react to their returned powers and their abilities?

Based on Grey Wardens story. There is some parts I would like to change. Tell me where I am goofing up.

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Wait is this Digimon crossed over with the Conversion Bureau?

I dont know just about anything about the conversion bureau universe but from what I know its pretty relatively dark compared to Digimon. Well as dark as say Xcom for example. Humans fighting off aliens in a struggle for earth, just substitute aliens for smol horses. I also know little about Digimon but from what I know its in essence ¤REDACTED¤ but instead its ¤DONT WANNA ANGER DIGIMON FANS BY COMPARING TO POKEMON¤ so it never seemed nearly as violent. When you combine something that is relatively harmless and a war story I would imagine they would clash. Then again I dont know if this is even Digimon related.

Digimon can get pretty dark sometimes. It is one of the few childhood shows to actually have death as a core element. Heck, one of the seasons has one of the digimon partners being impaled through the stomach in cold-blood.

And to the author who requested people to tell them where he goofs up:

1) This story is part of a bandwagon. Namely, the Conversion Bureau bandwagon.
2) Syntax. You use the wrong words in the wrong place to use them. Example:

how will their our kind

Two possesives next to each other. One refers to "them," while the other refers to "us."

Should I continue?

Well even if this didnt turn out well doesnt mean you should stop writing. If you can work this out a bit then I think something even as odd as this could atleast be decent. If its a lost cause then learn from your errors and improve in the future.

6898156 Yes continue don't let the haters win. You must fight for your write to PARTY!!! Darn it Pinkie!! Well you get the point. CONTINUE PLEASE!!!!

two words, Fallout Equestria

6898156 yes as the saying goes fortune favors the bold

I wish there was more. Also this was rather quick, i think it could use more explenation on the digimon characters as you just thowed them in onle line.

One thing i was hoping was that the other 4 characters would get the remaining spirits, strangly when they were introduced i thought they would inherit the spirits but were just removed as fast

I will continue the story. It's just a bit hard to write with school goin on.

Alright just so every knows I shall be continuing this story but first I will edit the prologue.

hey can you add in this in one of the chapters. What if every digimon in the digital world found out about what's happening to earth and go in to fight in not only earth but in equestria as well. It kind of make sense that they would help for two reasons.

1. The humans save their lives and the digital world multiple times. They may feel like returning the favor to as.

2. We(in a way) are their parents. We made them, even if it wasn't intentional, it's like knowing that someone is trying to kill your mom or dad. You would at least send help to them or something.

Plz let me know what you think

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please don't quit writing this story I like it to much

7210000 oh god you got a great idea right their

7855816 i cannot believe grey warden left cuz i sorta liked the original version of this story

7855890 well no one going to stay on this site forever. I most likely will leave when college comes by and i won't have time to do this anymore.

7856123 true true, and when will that be?

7856129 in about two years. It seems a lot closer to me then it did two years ago.

Is the story still going I'm itching to know what happens next!

One thing I want to tell you is, that my brother wrote this story so I will tell him to finish it because he used my profile without permission.

I kinda wish this was also be Sonic the Hedgehog crossover as well because I think Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, and Shadow gain the ancient armor forms and champion, ultimate, and Mega forms of the Digidestend Digimon from Digimon Season 2 with all the Mega forms are super deity power like Mythic Dragon Type Digimon including a Magnealdramon and an unstoppable ancient form of Imperialdramon with elemental abilities just the ancient warriors which means they will be more powerful combined.

Sonic- Veemon's Ancestor; Elemental Attribute: Fire

Tails- Armodillomon's Ancestor; Elemental Attribute: Earth

Knuckles- Hawkmon's Ancestor; Elemental Attribute: Wind

Silver- Patamon's Ancestor; Elemental Attribute: Ice

Blaze- Gatomon's Ancestor; Elemental Attribute: Light

Shadow- Wormmon's Ancestor; Elemental Attribute: Water

i take it, that this story is dead?

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