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I actually don't how I ended up like this. All I remember is playing as my favorite monster online and then everything went black. Now I'm my favorite monster and having to deal with these strange pony like creatures. Maybe I can use my abilities to show these ponies I'm not as monstrous as I look. But something dark is happening in this seemingly peaceful place and I intend to find out what is.

Five friends are transformed into their most favorite monster from a game known as Evolve. They keep their minds but their physical forms changed beyond recognition. They are transported to another world's country called Equestria. The inhabitants are paranoid and easily scared of anything that isn't one of their kind. Now they have to deal with what constitutes as several alpha apex predators. What the "monsters" do and find will shock everybody.

I've wanted to create a story about the monsters from the first time I saw them. Enjoy and leave a comment

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The conversion bureau and the ponies have been warring against humanity for 3 years now. Only the Americas are left and some of humanity is about to give up. But hope shall burn in the darkest of times. The ponies are about to learn that change will happen with six humans: the digidestined. But one question remains: how will their own kind react to their returned powers and their abilities?

Based on Grey Wardens story. There is some parts I would like to change. Tell me where I am goofing up.

Chapters (1)
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