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I write smut.


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I loved this! :D I loved it soooooo much! There are a few grammar things but Discord's internal guilt and fantasies are so good, and so potent! I don't even normally like clop but this was soooo good! <3

Where's the part 2?!

We all find ourselves thinking of doing horrible things that we would truly never do. It's one of the reasons why the mind is such an enigma. But it's the actions that count, not thoughts, which is why I decided to favorite this despite some of the content.

Please write more. This was beautifully and tastefully done, and I love fluttercord so much. The last scene was so touching and it's just all so sweet.

6882901 Thanks for the kind words! I'm a bit rusty, it's hard to be your own proof-reader.:unsuresweetie:

*pleading eyes*

Oh my sweet Celestia! That was soooo damn good. < 3

So cute :heart: :scootangel:

Your writing is amazing. I love this piece and the sequel.

I DeMan D A SEqUel

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