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I am pleased I joined here and hope to rp on YM with someone.


After the Black Hoof, the Equestrian Mafia, is discovered to be plotting to kidnap Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, they must go into hiding in disguise. How will they cope as ordinary fillies, shorn of their servants and their lives of luxury?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 13 )

6883213 Because there will be sex in it later on-teen rated though. If teen rated fics can have sexual stuff in them.

This says it has less then 1000 words when at the moment it has 1976 words.

6883229 Just not clop. Basically you can have talk or moderate allusions at best.

What if....what if you plan to have a secret relationship with another pony behind my back?

It's funny because we all know It will be the case.

No. On the opposite leg to the leg with your real cutie mark on it, you will have a cutie mark tattooed upon your body that will look totally genuine."

What ? They only have their cuite mark on one side ? :rainbowhuh:

Will we know what happenend for Silver Spoon ? :pinkiehappy:

6885742 The next chapter will have Silver Spoon in it.

So, let me get this straight...'Copper Mine' is forced to have copper fur, a yellow mane and tail, not to mention the red eyes, hair extensions and the bow in her tail... And 'Apple Turnover' has... Green curly everything, no added accessories and still gets to keep Tiara's blue eyes?

I think I know who's got the better end of this deal...

The note that she sent secretly simply read I want to be your friend if you'll give me a chance. Back came a speedy reply I would love to become your friend.

I am a little surprise they don't recognize the penmanship of their significant one, or at least think they are similar. They used to pass note in school. Maybe the special ink help them change their speaking manner, voice and mouthwriting. :rainbowhuh:

Too many things are a hard giveaway for two best friends, and it isn't a small bit of paint who will change that.

6903381 Well put. This fic will go on, but I now have a different plan for my next chapter of it.

Tell me more about the Black Hoof Gang.

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