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im a brony with some strange tastes for fan fics, but nether the less, i will write


When you follow life as it gives you the lemons, you are to make lemonade, add sugar, and enjoy. But the sea is a terribly uncontrolled place. When you try to surf along with the waves, sometimes you end up going the wrong way.

Nick Revel felt this way. Loosing much of his life meant he needed a new start. And he got one.
Maybe more than he bargained form

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Another HiE story? Added to my read later list.

OC alicorn fics are very hard to pull off. I have one, and it was lucky enough to not be hated at least. I wish you the best of luck

719211 How is it hard to pull off just asking

719222 Alicorn OCs are kinda gary-stu, not a lot of people like gary-stu characters

719281 Yeah, yours is from the old school pony generator. Classy.

OK, OK. i just realised how bad i am. said i was a Alicorn, but i wanted to be a Pegasus. Fixed, and this is my first story guys. Go easy :fluttershysad:

719396 It's okay, we forgive you. Just this once.

719396 and i had to update my avatar so

719420 Nah. It just looked so similar...

Well it sotra dose but i like the story's he made im waiting for chapter 3/4 to come on here! :trollestia: :moustache:

I likez this.

OK, you have a great start to your story, and I am hooked.
However, I think the story should be paced a little bit more.
It kinda feels like I'm being rushed through everything.
Also, it would be a little more convienient if you set it up
in more of a paragraph format instead of a wall of text
Besides that I liked it, so please keep working on it!

I'm not trying to point things out but, the main characters are their OC's, and they didn't have time to add the cute marks. so did they somehow earn them otherwise why haven't the others noticed yet

i kinda jump into that didnt i:derpyderp1:
well, thanks for the info, i will be sure to include that in Ch 3:pinkiehappy:

i have a request for anyone willing
i need some cover art for my story so it can look 20% cooler :rainbowdetermined2:
if you need information, i have the oc pics if needed

This is a bit Mary Sue(Overpowered). I still like it though.

When he was talking to rainbow about flying I think you ment weren't not went I think you need to change it:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: ask somebronies on null so many good artist there positive you can find somebrony to draw some thing:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

736679 thanks, i dint see that:pinkiehappy:
i really should get a proof reader

Shield its been a while I was wondering where you went I only found out about this cause i checked up my unread chapters of favorites.

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