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Crossed Dimensions - Sparkling Shield

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The trip to the library wasn’t a pleasant one. Rarity was the first to bring it up, but she asked why the three of us didn’t have cutie marks. This made me go on a ramble, me remembering the profile I put for us so I used a made up story. I started on saying how we all met at school in Manehatten. Then I said that we got out of school yet we still didn’t have our cutie marks. I went to go help a few ponies around town, earning bits her and there. Then, as soon as we had enough bits, our group of three set out. Then, it was a few years later, at exactly yesterday. We had met a pony named the so called ‘Great and Powerful Trixie.’ That name earned groans from everyone but Fluttershy, who was talking to Flame. She said that she could solve our cutie mark problem. We paid her a small amount of bits, and she used a spell on us. It was a sham; for she instead sent us to Canterlot, and she used the spell do it would drain our life force, making us weak. The other two were knocked out, but I could just make out a White and Dark Blue figures looking over us. Then I could feel blackness slipping in as I felt magic pulsing around me. Then I said I blacked out. This convinced the others. Then we said our goodbyes and went in the library.

“So, you’re saying we can sleep here for the night?” I asked Twilight
We had gotten to Twilight’s library, and she offered us diner and a place to sleep
We had accepted diner, but I was skeptical at the idea of sleeping at Twilight’s
“Well, sure. It’s not every day you meet ponies who don’t have cutie marks, drop out from the sky, or are able to survive what you went through” she explained
I told a story on how we didn’t get cutie marks because we could never find out talents, so we traveled in a group across Equestria, searching for a place to call home and our talents.
“Ok, Twi. You win. Besides, looks like Silver fell asleep on my back” I glanced at Silver, who slept on my back, smiling. “Besides, I can’t really argue”
Flame had gone to Fluttershy’s cottage, because Fluttershy had asked. I wasn’t surprised at this, for I knew what might happen between those two.
Twilight gave a smile “Ok, that settles it, and I have a few extra blankets, but my extra bed is messed up, so you’ll have to sleep on the couch.”
I was already on the couch, Slivers head resting on my flank. I covered her with my wing and closed my eyes.
Before I let sleep fall in, I felt Twilight put two blankets over me and Silver, and she went to go to sleep.
And with that, I fell into blackness.

I was dreaming. I dreamed that I was on a hill, with Silver and Twilight at my sides, leaning on me. I felt loved, and as I looked at the sunset, I found myself being kissed by both of them. I returned their kisses, and looked back at the sunset, in silence.
I smiled, and closed my eyes. This feeling was great, like there was no problem in the world

I woke up, feeling a force on my flank. I looked over, and saw Silver still resting her head on my flank, with the smile still on her face. She looked so peaceful; I didn’t want to wake her.
‘May be Celestia is right, maybe I should just confess. But My feelings for Twi might get in the way. I thought she was the best pony on the show, and I liked her attitude, and the fact she was a book worm.’
‘I’ll figure it out, eventually’ I thought
‘Well, why not have them both’ I heard a voice in my head
‘Who are you?’ I asked
‘I'm Princess Celestia, and I'm mind talking to you’
‘So you heard what I thought’
‘Yes, and its actually legal to have more than one mare’
‘How can I?’
‘Well, we have these things called a harem. These harems entitle a stallion to more than one mare, but many don’t know about this’
‘Then why are you telling me this’
‘Cause I know what you are thinking remember’
‘Oh, yeah; the mind reading’
‘Anyways, all you have to do is make Twilight and Silver to agree with this, and you’ll…’
‘Feel what I felt in my dream’
‘Oh, and what did you feel in this dream’
‘Peace and happiness, like there was no problem’
‘I'm sure that you will achieve this. For now, let your relationships sink in with both of them, then tell’
‘I shall do that, Miss Tia’
‘What? I thought only Luna knew that name’
‘Who’s Luna?’
‘My sister, the co-ruler of Equestria’
‘Oh, another Princess, I assume. And I thought of the name myself, so I have no idea what you are talking about’
‘Never mind then. Anyway, Silver should be waking any moment so I will leave you alone’
‘Bye, Tia’
‘Farewell, Steam’
And with that, I felt Silver stir at my side.
“Hey sleepy head, had a good sleep?” I asked the slowly awaking Silver
“I actually had the best dream of my life.” She responded
“What was your dream about?” I asked
“Well, it was about you actually.” She admitted
“Really?” I was surprised
“Well yeah, it was. We were on a hillside looking at the sunset. There was someone else though; another mare. It was just a shadow. But it looked familiar.”
‘Sounds like my dream’ I thought
“And well… we sort of… kissed”
She looked away, obviously embarrassed at saying it
“Hey, what’s to be embarrassed about” I said to her, using my hoof to make her look at me
“Wait, you’re not angry?” she asked, surprised at my response
“Oh, come on. When have I ever been angry with you?” I said
Then I did something I knew in the pony world was a symbol of love
I nuzzled her
She blushed, but nuzzled me back
“I'm glad you feel that way, Steam” she happily hugged me
“And you I” I said, returning the hug
It was a brief hug, yet it was good one
“Well, looks like we have love birds here” Twilight said, appearing out of nowhere
“Wait, you heard all of that?” I asked her
“Well yes I did, and I also had the same dream as Silver, but it was the opposite. I was there, but there was a shadow on the other side of you, like Silver.” Twilight explained
“Well, I can explain both your dreams as simple as saying a few words”
They both looked at me expectantly
“I had a Dream, where you two were there. You were leaning on me in an embrace, and we were all looking at the sunset. Then, you both kissed me. After that I returned the kisses and felt like there was nothing wrong with the world. Like I could sit there with you two for all eternity”
After I finished, I saw they both were blushing heavily.
Then, I realized something. “Hey Twilight, is there any books on love and the Laws of Equestria?”
Then, I saw Twi come over, saying “I was reading these last night, trying to understand what I was feeling”
I thanked her, then started reading I'm a heavy reader, I can remember any book, and summarize it in one sentence
After I was done reading, I crossed reference the two books. If you took the First word of every paragraph, it would say
“If there is more than one mare or stallion you are interested in then you can create a bigger family, like a group, called ‘harem’
The last word ‘harem’ was said in the law book saying it was illegal
But, I proved them wrong
“Well, I guess that could work, but I might need to wait, or I could tell them…” I said quietly
I must have been reading for at least 20 minutes, since a fast reader. When I looked up, Twilight was looking at me, her mouth open
“How can you read those books so fast? It takes me days to finish a book, let alone 2,981 pages in one book and 3,469 in another”
“Actually, if you sum up the amount, but divide by two because of the table of contents, you get 3225 pages, because of how ridiculously long the T.O.C. is”
Twilight just stood there, baffled.
Silver was in the kitchen, making waffles for breakfast, as I looked around.
“This is an amazing library, so I might have enough books to read for at least a while.
Then, I saw my vision blur, then, as I looked at the books, I realized I was SCANNING them. I could see titles, genres, chapters, every word of every book.
It was like I was watching a computer scan a document.
Then when I was done, I shook my head, and my vision cleared again, as I saw Twilight was looking at me with a worried expression.
“Are you of Steam? You kind of spaced out on me for at least a few seconds.”
Yet it should have token at least Five minutes to scan all those books.
Then I realized the thing that happened was not only a scan, but a time slower.
“Yeah I'm fine Twi, just thought of something” I lied, yet half true
“What's that?” she asked
“I’ll tell you both during breakfast” I answered
‘At least Spike had gone to Canterlot, or else there would be more trouble’
As if on Cue, Silver came in and said “breakfast is ready, you two”
So I got up and walked over to the Kitchen to eat

A few minutes later, I started telling them what I learned about the books I read.
“So, it IS legal for you to date us at the same time?” Silver asked as I finished telling them what I found out
I nodded, surprise they could comprehend it
“But, what if the others find out, I mean, it’s not like they’ll accept it right there and then” Twilight said, still wanting to ask Celestia herself
“Twilight, I already told you, if you ask Celestia, chances are she will deny it”
“But what if I said YOU found it out” She countered
“You’re not going to stop until you send the letter, are you?”
She shook her head
“Fine” I said, seeing as she will not stop until she sends a letter
Twilight went to write the letter, as Silver started to clean the dishes.
I decided to go find Rainbow Dash, because since have never used my wings before, I figure now is a better time than ever.

A few minutes later, I found her sleeping on a cloud, as I knew she would be.
“Hey, Rainbow Dash!” I called out to her
She looked over at me “oh, hey Steam. What are you up to?”
“I actually came to ask you if you could teach me how to fly”
This made her go all out laughing, as I face hoofed
“How can someone like you not know how to fly?” she asked, final calming down
“Well, I never really needed them for anything, yet I always made sure to flap them once in a while, to make sure they weren't useless”
This caught her attention, obviously happy she has something to work with “Well, at least I can work with that. Follow me”

After what seemed like hours of practicing, I finally got the hang of flying and was racing Rainbow Dash
“Come on you slow poke” she teased
“You asked for it” I said.
It was fun, since I never felt like this before
It was an hour later, wand we were both on top of a mountain, looking down at Ponyville.
“So, do you do this kind of thing all the time?” I asked
“Well, not particularly racing, but flying is natural to me” she answered
“Huh, cool I guess. I mean, that should mean why you are called the fastest flier in Equestria”
“Yeah, I guess.” She simply replied
Then, I heard something rumbling. As I turned around, I saw rocks flying toward me
“LOOK OUT” I hear dash yell
She pushed me out of the way, and instead of me, she got hit by the rock, knocking her out.
“Oh no, DASH!”I yelled
I started flying towards her, making ‘Saving her’ the only thing on my mind.
Then I realized she was falling faster than I could fly
‘Come on, FASTER’ I thought
Then I saw the sound barrier form around me
It dawned on me. I had to do the impossible.
It happened. I felt myself break through the sound barrier. I did a sonic rainboom, yet it wasn’t a rainbow. It was blue and orange instead.
I went so fast, I grabbed Rainbow Dash, and pulled up just before hitting the ground.
Then I realized I had no idea on how to stop. So I did the only thing I could do. I guarded Rainbow, and crashed into the ground in front of the library.
My vision was blurry, but I could make out a figure running toward us to help
Then I blacked out.