Crossed Dimensions

by Sparkling Shield

First published

Humans to Equestia

When you follow life as it gives you the lemons, you are to make lemonade, add sugar, and enjoy. But the sea is a terribly uncontrolled place. When you try to surf along with the waves, sometimes you end up going the wrong way.

Nick Revel felt this way. Loosing much of his life meant he needed a new start. And he got one.
Maybe more than he bargained form

Chapters 1 & 2

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Chapter 1: The Crossing

My name is Nick Revel

Well, it's better if we start off with my life story.

My life, I can't even believe what happened. I was born into a fine family, but when economy took a hit; my dad was forced to divorce my mom when I was 5. My mom treated me like crap, only because she cared. Then she got into a car accident. I stood at her grave for hours, crying nonstop. Then, Jane was walking to her father's grave when she saw me. She got her mom, and then came over to me. This is when my life took for better. I was given clothes, food a place to sleep, and a family. I was treated like I was one of them, yet I felt out of place. Then, when I was 15, a show was Aired called “My little Pony, Friendship is Magic.”
This show changed my life.
I was taught Kindness to all, Honesty is the best policy, Laughter can change lives, Loyalty to those who you care for, Generosity leads to happiness, and that there is Magic in everything.
Then, we met Kevin when I turned 16, he was homeless because his family got in a car accident, and he was the only one who lived. Practically like a little brother to me, he asked me for help for a lot of things, since he lived in the country side. Then I introduced them to “My little Pony” and then they saw what I saw, and why I let Kevin stay with us. But, June's mother, I and Kevin's adopted mother passed away, but not before giving me her most prized position, the Family bracelet, passed down from generation. Then, she uttered a phrase I have never heard before. That phrase was “Believe in Magic, and you will live your Dreams.” I had no idea what it meant, but I would never trade it for anything I my life. We three had good enough education to start collage, but we bought a whole apartment that was 5 min. away from the collage grounds, and sold the house. I kept the bracelet all the time. But, there felt like a magical presence within the bracelet. I still can’t figure out its use. Then yesterday, as we were creating our pony personas, I got a strange uh… letter, with a diagram on it. That diagram brought us here, yet I can tell we were meant to be here.

Yesterday, Earth, the Apartment

“Nearly done, just need a cutie mark” I said contently
I was working on my OC character, Steam Streak, an Pegasus
He is a cyan Pegasus, with blue and dark blue mane and tail, randomly ends up as Twilight’s style
“Hey, Nick! The mail is here” That’s Kevin, my half-brother. He is shy, but it didn’t take long to be friends with him. Still reminds me of Fluttershy.
“There’s also seems to be a letter to all of us, not just bills and news” That third person is Jane, my half-sister. Yet, I get the feeling she wants to be more than that.
Jane’s OC was Silver Mist, a Unicorn, silver coat and yellow mane/tail, in Rainbow Dash’s style. She knew I liked Rainbow Dash, so it was obvious to use RD’s style.
Kevin’s I find strange. Flame Tail, also a Pegasus, had a black coat, pink mane/tail, and the ends of the feathers on his wings and tail looked like fire, hence, the name Flame Tail
He looks tough, but is soft on the inside
“I'm coming, just a sec”
I hit save, making sure that I finished making the OC’s (I'm the animator, editor, and color guy of the group) but since I had no time, we had no cute marks
‘Later I’ll finish up’ I thought
I made my way to the living room, seeing the mail strewn around on the coffee table.
Jane handed the strange letter to me

To Nick, Jane, and Kevin Revel
That bracelet is your key to a world of happiness, and love. On The strike of 12:30 am, hold hands and say
“Our lives were filled with torture and sadness. We lost the ones we loved, and wish to start anew.”
You will start over, but remember you will always have your friends by your side.
P.S. Stop torturing Jane, you know she loves you, so love her back.


That last one caught me off guard, but I decided later, I will.
‘Why does the initial’s PC look familiar?’ I thought
I looked at the clock, and saw it was 12:20 at the moment.
I looked on the back of the letter and saw

*Almost forgot, don’t bring anything with you, just the letter and the bracelet

So I tucked the letter in my pocket, and told Jane and Kevin what to do, excluding the love part.
“But, how do we know it’s a place of happiness?” Kevin asked
“I guess we’ll have to see” I said
Then Jane said “please tell me you’ll bring the bracelet, it’s the only thing we have left of mom”
She had tears forming at her eyes
I wiped them away and said “Don’t worry; we need it to go there, remember?”
Jane nodded, and I looked at the clock. 12:30
I grabbed her hand and said “come on, its time”
We stood up, Kevin grabbed my hand, and we all said at the same time
“Our lives were filled with torture and sadness. We lost the ones we loved, and wish to start anew”
Before I knew it, the bracelet started glowing. It emitted a glow, which surrounded our bodies.
I closed my eyes, waiting for something to happen. Then I felt conciseness slipping away, and everything went black.

Chapter 2: The Arrival

When I woke, the first thing I saw were 6 ponies laying on the floor, except Fluttershy, who was sleeping at the foot of Kevin’s… wait, is that Kevin?
He looked like Kevin’s OC, and then I realized what happened
We were in Equestria.
That meant Jane was; Yep, Jane was Silver.
That meant I was Steam. I wasn’t surprised or curious. I felt, at peace; like I could make a difference in this world.
I sat up, and say the rest of the Mane 6, Applejack, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity.
Whey was sleeping, yet I had no idea why they would stay with us, when we just dropped into this town.
When I looked closely at mine, Jane’s, and Kevin’s body, when my vision was clear, I saw we had cuts bruises, and I had a nasty gash on my neck
Then I heard a voice in my head, like it was from some time earlier.

“Nurse Redheart, are you sure”
“Yes, I’m sure Twilight. These ponies might not make it another day”
I saw a memory pop in my head, like it was during that time.
Nurse Redheart walked out of the room. Then, Twilight walked over to my bed, and laid hoof on my head, and kissed my cheek.
Then I heard Twilight say “I don’t want a handsome stallion to die, not when I haven’t had the chance to talk or the chance to make 3 new friends”
Twilight lay down on the floor to sleep near my bed, and as the memory fast-forwarded, I saw the others walk in, but not trying to wake Twilight, instead; decided to sleep with her, Fluttershy obviously going to sleep at the foot of the bed of the pony that had the same hair color and style, just shorter.
And with that, the memory ended. I must had my eyes open, but only slightly, so they couldn’t tell if I was awake, thus, allowing me to have the memory.
I sat there, waiting for the others to wake up.
The first one was Applejack, who said out loudly “Well, look at that, you’re already up ‘n about”
This caused the others to wake, including Kevin and Jane.
Then, Nurse Redheart walked in the room, and said in surprise “well, looks like the survivors are awake”
I was confused, and asked “What, happened to us?”
Jane also added “Yeah, it feels if like I got hit by a train”
I looked at Kevin, who was looking away, at the wall, His shyness kicking in.
Surprisingly, Fluttershy went and talked to Kevin, in so low voices, only they could hear each other.
I looked back at Nurse Redheart who was looking at Twilight
Twilight then said “Fine, I’ll tell them what happened. I was on a walk to the Park to meet up with everyone for a picnic. Then as I was walking, a Manticore came out of nowhere. But, before it could attack me, I saw a bright flash, and three knocked out ponies landed on its head. It’s started flailing; giving the cuts you have, flung into the ground, which gave you guys bruises. Before I could transport it away, it slashed you at the neck, uh…”
“Steam Streak”
“Alright, Steam. It slashed out at the neck, which made you lose the most blood. I teleported Dash to me and Fluttershy came up, and we carried you to here, the Hospital.”
“Then Nurse-“
“Nurse Redheart said we might not make it another day, I know.”
Twilight was surprised “How did you-“
“I made a memory. Apparently, my mind wasn’t able to proses it until I was fully awake. And I know what you said, but I hold nothing against you”
Twilight looked way, blushing.
Rarity spoke up “What do you ever mean by that Steam Streak”
“Two things; One, call me Steam, not my full name, two, I can’t tell you what I mean. It’s a secret, and I know you’ll try to find it, but don’t. It will make it more complicated.”
Rarity nodded, apparently understanding.
Then I felt my wings being examined by Rainbow, who was surprised at the design of it.
“Hey, how did you get such cool wings? They are like, 20% cooler than mine!” she said.
I looked at them. They were my cyan colored wings, but they had the same style as Dash, and at the ends of the feathers were red tips.
‘I never used red tips, but it blends well’ I thought
“I don’t know exactly, I guess they were always like that” I replied
Dash seemed to accept this, and floated back over to the others.
Then Nurse Redheart said “Well, its looks like you three can go now. For some odd reason, I got a permit from Princess Celestia saying it was ok”
“Oh, that was me. I sent a letter to the Princess.”
‘Princess Celestia? That’s who PC was!’
“Who was what now?” Pinkie picked up
“Wait how… never mind, I’ll just go with it.”
After I said that, I got up and Help Jane off, seeing that her leg was broken,
Then I saw Kevin and Fluttershy hugging. The others looked at what I was looking at, and we all said “AWWWW”
This made them jump up, give a small scream or yelp of some sorts, and made them hide under the bed.
I shook my head and chuckled. As much as I knew, Kevin and Fluttershy made a perfect couple. Once we got then out from under the bed, the 9 of us set out to the library as, Twilight suggested. I had to carry Silver cause of the broken leg. We had to use our OC names, or we blow it. Having a chance to start over, it can’t be ruined.

This is the start of something I can’t explain.


Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The trip to the library wasn’t a pleasant one. Rarity was the first to bring it up, but she asked why the three of us didn’t have cutie marks. This made me go on a ramble, me remembering the profile I put for us so I used a made up story. I started on saying how we all met at school in Manehatten. Then I said that we got out of school yet we still didn’t have our cutie marks. I went to go help a few ponies around town, earning bits her and there. Then, as soon as we had enough bits, our group of three set out. Then, it was a few years later, at exactly yesterday. We had met a pony named the so called ‘Great and Powerful Trixie.’ That name earned groans from everyone but Fluttershy, who was talking to Flame. She said that she could solve our cutie mark problem. We paid her a small amount of bits, and she used a spell on us. It was a sham; for she instead sent us to Canterlot, and she used the spell do it would drain our life force, making us weak. The other two were knocked out, but I could just make out a White and Dark Blue figures looking over us. Then I could feel blackness slipping in as I felt magic pulsing around me. Then I said I blacked out. This convinced the others. Then we said our goodbyes and went in the library.

“So, you’re saying we can sleep here for the night?” I asked Twilight
We had gotten to Twilight’s library, and she offered us diner and a place to sleep
We had accepted diner, but I was skeptical at the idea of sleeping at Twilight’s
“Well, sure. It’s not every day you meet ponies who don’t have cutie marks, drop out from the sky, or are able to survive what you went through” she explained
I told a story on how we didn’t get cutie marks because we could never find out talents, so we traveled in a group across Equestria, searching for a place to call home and our talents.
“Ok, Twi. You win. Besides, looks like Silver fell asleep on my back” I glanced at Silver, who slept on my back, smiling. “Besides, I can’t really argue”
Flame had gone to Fluttershy’s cottage, because Fluttershy had asked. I wasn’t surprised at this, for I knew what might happen between those two.
Twilight gave a smile “Ok, that settles it, and I have a few extra blankets, but my extra bed is messed up, so you’ll have to sleep on the couch.”
I was already on the couch, Slivers head resting on my flank. I covered her with my wing and closed my eyes.
Before I let sleep fall in, I felt Twilight put two blankets over me and Silver, and she went to go to sleep.
And with that, I fell into blackness.

I was dreaming. I dreamed that I was on a hill, with Silver and Twilight at my sides, leaning on me. I felt loved, and as I looked at the sunset, I found myself being kissed by both of them. I returned their kisses, and looked back at the sunset, in silence.
I smiled, and closed my eyes. This feeling was great, like there was no problem in the world

I woke up, feeling a force on my flank. I looked over, and saw Silver still resting her head on my flank, with the smile still on her face. She looked so peaceful; I didn’t want to wake her.
‘May be Celestia is right, maybe I should just confess. But My feelings for Twi might get in the way. I thought she was the best pony on the show, and I liked her attitude, and the fact she was a book worm.’
‘I’ll figure it out, eventually’ I thought
‘Well, why not have them both’ I heard a voice in my head
‘Who are you?’ I asked
‘I'm Princess Celestia, and I'm mind talking to you’
‘So you heard what I thought’
‘Yes, and its actually legal to have more than one mare’
‘How can I?’
‘Well, we have these things called a harem. These harems entitle a stallion to more than one mare, but many don’t know about this’
‘Then why are you telling me this’
‘Cause I know what you are thinking remember’
‘Oh, yeah; the mind reading’
‘Anyways, all you have to do is make Twilight and Silver to agree with this, and you’ll…’
‘Feel what I felt in my dream’
‘Oh, and what did you feel in this dream’
‘Peace and happiness, like there was no problem’
‘I'm sure that you will achieve this. For now, let your relationships sink in with both of them, then tell’
‘I shall do that, Miss Tia’
‘What? I thought only Luna knew that name’
‘Who’s Luna?’
‘My sister, the co-ruler of Equestria’
‘Oh, another Princess, I assume. And I thought of the name myself, so I have no idea what you are talking about’
‘Never mind then. Anyway, Silver should be waking any moment so I will leave you alone’
‘Bye, Tia’
‘Farewell, Steam’
And with that, I felt Silver stir at my side.
“Hey sleepy head, had a good sleep?” I asked the slowly awaking Silver
“I actually had the best dream of my life.” She responded
“What was your dream about?” I asked
“Well, it was about you actually.” She admitted
“Really?” I was surprised
“Well yeah, it was. We were on a hillside looking at the sunset. There was someone else though; another mare. It was just a shadow. But it looked familiar.”
‘Sounds like my dream’ I thought
“And well… we sort of… kissed”
She looked away, obviously embarrassed at saying it
“Hey, what’s to be embarrassed about” I said to her, using my hoof to make her look at me
“Wait, you’re not angry?” she asked, surprised at my response
“Oh, come on. When have I ever been angry with you?” I said
Then I did something I knew in the pony world was a symbol of love
I nuzzled her
She blushed, but nuzzled me back
“I'm glad you feel that way, Steam” she happily hugged me
“And you I” I said, returning the hug
It was a brief hug, yet it was good one
“Well, looks like we have love birds here” Twilight said, appearing out of nowhere
“Wait, you heard all of that?” I asked her
“Well yes I did, and I also had the same dream as Silver, but it was the opposite. I was there, but there was a shadow on the other side of you, like Silver.” Twilight explained
“Well, I can explain both your dreams as simple as saying a few words”
They both looked at me expectantly
“I had a Dream, where you two were there. You were leaning on me in an embrace, and we were all looking at the sunset. Then, you both kissed me. After that I returned the kisses and felt like there was nothing wrong with the world. Like I could sit there with you two for all eternity”
After I finished, I saw they both were blushing heavily.
Then, I realized something. “Hey Twilight, is there any books on love and the Laws of Equestria?”
Then, I saw Twi come over, saying “I was reading these last night, trying to understand what I was feeling”
I thanked her, then started reading I'm a heavy reader, I can remember any book, and summarize it in one sentence
After I was done reading, I crossed reference the two books. If you took the First word of every paragraph, it would say
“If there is more than one mare or stallion you are interested in then you can create a bigger family, like a group, called ‘harem’
The last word ‘harem’ was said in the law book saying it was illegal
But, I proved them wrong
“Well, I guess that could work, but I might need to wait, or I could tell them…” I said quietly
I must have been reading for at least 20 minutes, since a fast reader. When I looked up, Twilight was looking at me, her mouth open
“How can you read those books so fast? It takes me days to finish a book, let alone 2,981 pages in one book and 3,469 in another”
“Actually, if you sum up the amount, but divide by two because of the table of contents, you get 3225 pages, because of how ridiculously long the T.O.C. is”
Twilight just stood there, baffled.
Silver was in the kitchen, making waffles for breakfast, as I looked around.
“This is an amazing library, so I might have enough books to read for at least a while.
Then, I saw my vision blur, then, as I looked at the books, I realized I was SCANNING them. I could see titles, genres, chapters, every word of every book.
It was like I was watching a computer scan a document.
Then when I was done, I shook my head, and my vision cleared again, as I saw Twilight was looking at me with a worried expression.
“Are you of Steam? You kind of spaced out on me for at least a few seconds.”
Yet it should have token at least Five minutes to scan all those books.
Then I realized the thing that happened was not only a scan, but a time slower.
“Yeah I'm fine Twi, just thought of something” I lied, yet half true
“What's that?” she asked
“I’ll tell you both during breakfast” I answered
‘At least Spike had gone to Canterlot, or else there would be more trouble’
As if on Cue, Silver came in and said “breakfast is ready, you two”
So I got up and walked over to the Kitchen to eat

A few minutes later, I started telling them what I learned about the books I read.
“So, it IS legal for you to date us at the same time?” Silver asked as I finished telling them what I found out
I nodded, surprise they could comprehend it
“But, what if the others find out, I mean, it’s not like they’ll accept it right there and then” Twilight said, still wanting to ask Celestia herself
“Twilight, I already told you, if you ask Celestia, chances are she will deny it”
“But what if I said YOU found it out” She countered
“You’re not going to stop until you send the letter, are you?”
She shook her head
“Fine” I said, seeing as she will not stop until she sends a letter
Twilight went to write the letter, as Silver started to clean the dishes.
I decided to go find Rainbow Dash, because since have never used my wings before, I figure now is a better time than ever.

A few minutes later, I found her sleeping on a cloud, as I knew she would be.
“Hey, Rainbow Dash!” I called out to her
She looked over at me “oh, hey Steam. What are you up to?”
“I actually came to ask you if you could teach me how to fly”
This made her go all out laughing, as I face hoofed
“How can someone like you not know how to fly?” she asked, final calming down
“Well, I never really needed them for anything, yet I always made sure to flap them once in a while, to make sure they weren't useless”
This caught her attention, obviously happy she has something to work with “Well, at least I can work with that. Follow me”

After what seemed like hours of practicing, I finally got the hang of flying and was racing Rainbow Dash
“Come on you slow poke” she teased
“You asked for it” I said.
It was fun, since I never felt like this before
It was an hour later, wand we were both on top of a mountain, looking down at Ponyville.
“So, do you do this kind of thing all the time?” I asked
“Well, not particularly racing, but flying is natural to me” she answered
“Huh, cool I guess. I mean, that should mean why you are called the fastest flier in Equestria”
“Yeah, I guess.” She simply replied
Then, I heard something rumbling. As I turned around, I saw rocks flying toward me
“LOOK OUT” I hear dash yell
She pushed me out of the way, and instead of me, she got hit by the rock, knocking her out.
“Oh no, DASH!”I yelled
I started flying towards her, making ‘Saving her’ the only thing on my mind.
Then I realized she was falling faster than I could fly
‘Come on, FASTER’ I thought
Then I saw the sound barrier form around me
It dawned on me. I had to do the impossible.
It happened. I felt myself break through the sound barrier. I did a sonic rainboom, yet it wasn’t a rainbow. It was blue and orange instead.
I went so fast, I grabbed Rainbow Dash, and pulled up just before hitting the ground.
Then I realized I had no idea on how to stop. So I did the only thing I could do. I guarded Rainbow, and crashed into the ground in front of the library.
My vision was blurry, but I could make out a figure running toward us to help
Then I blacked out.

Chapter 4 & 5

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Chapter 4: Officially new lives

Awaking with a start, Steam groaned out as he tried sitting up. The last bit of adrenaline in him seemed to have been reserved for him waking up, as he shot upright... only to groan out in pain and slump back down. Opening his eyes, he was blinded by the bright whit light he saw from the ceiling. Taking several moments to adjust, he'd ease himself to a sitting position again, slowly. He felt a tug from his back, and would glance. Any pegasi's worst fear was not flying. And as it was, he had a wing wrapped up in bandages with a splint along the bone.

After the initial shock, he decided to reach out, unhook the tether keeping him to the bed, and got up to walk around. It seemed his back had healed up well, and only the wing was the last to suffer. Walking over to the body mirror, he realized he was older. Much... older. His face was more defined with a soft complexion, body seeming a bit lithe but built.
"Just how long was I out...?" He'd ask himself. Then the adrenaline wore off, and he nearly collapsed. His body not having been in use for so long meant his limbs were weak. It took about 5 minutes for him to even get steady and 10 minutes more to properly gain motor functions. He was busy stretching his working wing, the left one to be precise, as he walked to the window.
"It's night out...." He said in barely a whisper, as he got to witness one of those moments in his lifetime where he got to just... stop and stargaze. He hardly had that chance in most days.

Then he tried to recall any memories of times past what he did remember. What DID he remember? He knew he specialized in Cloud Work, and heating. An adept at some tech-y things due to Cloudsdale's advanced Factory Machines. But why did those memories seem falsely placed?
For crying out loud he couldn't remember his own NAME!

His ears perked as he stopped and turned around, having heard the door open. A mare with a light green mane and soft blue eyes was there, but seemed to freeze in place... then suddenly sprint back out the door. "Steam" was quite confused.
And then a minute later suddenly a small group of ponies busted into the room, crowding around him. Though, through the commotion, his eyes fell on two mares with names he could... mostly remember. A mare with a coat as smooth as liquid silver, and the other mare, as graceful as a Lavender Lilly.

Of course, he sat there and waited. And after a long silence after the commotion fell, an alicorn padded up to him. The same he described as a Lavender Lilly.
She would sit infront of him, and she seemed saddened he did not talk first nor seemed happy. But then she looked intrigued.
"Do you know your own name?"
That question alone... seemed to perplex the stallion pegasus for a long moment. But then he would look up and answer.
"Steam Blade, resident of Cloudsdale and Expert Weather Pony." He'd say. This was meant from a few... less than happy gasps.
"I thought as much... I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle. And you, dear, have just woken up from a Two and a half year coma."

Silver would walk out of the room, luckily having been at the back, so her departure was unknown. Nopony realized how much this affected her, at least mentally. For more than two years, she'd visit every day to this very hospital. To be able to make sure the stallion she had so fondly loved, would make it out at some point. TWO YEARS.
Two years did she cry, worry, wonder. Her life had evolved without him, but to her, it had stopped. Without Steam by her side it seemed so... dull.

A moment later, she realized she had walked outside, in the small garden area outside the hospital. She sighed, as she sat down on a bare patch of grass, and looked up. Looking back, she's really adapted. Being a pony had a lot different than to a human. But, she felt more like a mare than a woman than she ever had. In fact she'd renounce humanity and call herself Equine in a heartbeat. But, Ste-- Nick. Nick had no memory. Nick no longer existed in that Light-Blue stallion inside that hospital room.

However Silver failed to notice the soft hoofsteps coming her way. And then, a warm, gentle hoof touching her softly at her back.
"Hey, Umm... Twilight said I should talk to you. Any idea why?"

Silver nearly snapped her neck as she turned around to find that Steam was standing there, looking curious. Curious, handsome, down right all she could want.
"Oh, Uhm... I'm not sure why she would. I'm nopony special."

Steam would give a small frown, and shake his head, moving to sit next to her.
"No, no you're something else. I don't think a Princess would personally recommend talking to another with no reason behind it. I'm sure you heard already. But, I'm Steam Blade." He'd say. His tone was different. Cautious... but also a tad infatuated.
Was that spark still there, for him?

Silver did not look at him, looking away as she answered. "I-I'm... w-well, I changed my name to Silver Soul a while back. To better fit how I seem to have a smooth level of emotion and are "Pure" to heart." She'd say.

Steam frowned once again. Her voice was getting shaky. Unsteady. Something was off. So, he'd move a wing to gently wrap around her. He was cautious about doing so, but Silver looked about ready to break into tears. By the time he had scooted closer and held her she was most certainly crying, but able to cry into his shoulder. While he could tell there was sorrow... he sensed joy in those tears too. He was no changeling, he couldn't be certain. But his instinct told him.

Twilight stood at the doorway to the hospital entrance with a smile, writing a few things down on the clipboard held in her magic. She looked to her right, to whom Nurse Redheart happened to be standing.
"Both me and my personal student, Silver Soul, authorize his re-lease and healing period to my responsibility. He will be safe, I assure you."

Nurse Redheart took the clipboard once Twilight had signed her name, and nodded "Well, of course, Princess. And might I ask... is there something between those two? No mare so willingly cries on just any stallion's shoulder." The white coated mare would ask, looking to the duo in the gardens.

Twilight thought about her response for a time, before nodding "Something old that I hope shall be renewed in a new way. The two deserve each other. Besides... there's great things destined for him. I feel it."

"He's not just any normal pony, after all."

Chapter 5: The Re-match

A week had passed since Steam woke up from his coma. And honestly, he thought he would have had a harder time adjusting to things, a new life. He was residing in Ponyville, under the supervision of Twilight herself. Of course, it had taken a lot of convincing to allow him to have his own home. But, the residents didn't mind.

I mean, Rainbow Dash gets a neighbor now, yeah?

He found himself out on the porch to his cloud home, stretching his wings. It had taken only a day to get used to them, after the split had came off three days ago. Sore as they had been he took to flying like he had his entire life. Everypony was impressed, except a peculiar cyan mare. Said mare would fly from her home to his right now, landing gently upon the cloud-made porch.

"Heya Steam, how are you settling in?" She'd ask, flapping her wings a bit till they settled and she could walk up to him.
He look to her with a shrug, as he folded his own wings back up from inspecting them. "As it is, I'm... having a hard time believing that I had been in a Coma for two years. And nopony will tell me HOW I ended up in the Coma, as if it's taboo to talk about it."

Rainbow Dash had to take a moment to look away and cringe softly for a moment. His coma had been her fault. Her doing. She had to make it up. Being than normal ISN'T enough. Then she looked back to him, with an idea in mind.

"Say, how about a friendly race? You seem to fly well enough, why not up against the Best flyer in Equestria?" She'd both boast and challenge to him, with a smug grin for added effect.

Steam would only stand up and take a step forward to her, and he gave a frown... that turned into a smile "Oh, you're on, Dash. Where to?"

Rainbow took her time to think this over. His body, as healthy as it looked, had not been used for a while. She had to take time to think carefully. What were her limits, and could he have similar?
"Umm... How about seeing how far we can get towards Canterlot? I know, quite a distance even by flying. But I figure we both need a challenge." She'd say, her eyes glared at Steam.

Steam would flare out his wings, giving a challenging gaze back at her "It's on." he'd say simply. One thing Rainbow noticed right away: his wingspan was about a foot longer than her's. How is that possible? No male pegasus had a wingspan larger than her own!

Of course, that moment of hesitation led to Steam flapping his wings a bit, before giving a powerful thrust upward and he was in the air, without any running start. Sure, a bit more effort to do a stationary take off, but he managed it well. Looking down, he'd shout to Rainbow "Well, are we racing or what?"

Rainbow gave a laugh, and took a small gallop before leaping into the air and shooting after him. He would re-aim himself and shoot off into the sky, a orange-blue flame blaze following him. To Rainbow this was a tad interesting, but also impressive. His natural body formation and mane/tail colors allowed a trail of color. His was specifically orange-blue, like a gas-flame, only flimsier. Her's was more straight rainbow.

The two hardly talked, but Rainbow discovered quickly that Steam was out-pacing her. Despite having the larger wings he could propel himself forward with greater force than her. This caused her to start pushing herself to keep up. He didn't boast or taunt her at all, but the widest grin was on his face. He was flying, and it made him happy.

He then decided to have fun with it, ramming through clouds, doing aileron-rolls, corkscrews. No matter what he didn't loose any inertia.

She did her best to keep up, forcing her wings to flap harder. She was panting, he was naturally faster! Because his wings were larger! You'd think the weight of them would slow him down, or his own natural weight!

As they started nearing Canterlot airspace, the two didn't realize a duo of quite famous pegasi were watching the two. They didn't think much of it.
That is until Rainbow had pushed herself too far, and nearly locked up her wings mid-flight. She gave out a pained scream as a cramp came up in her right wing. And she would have started to plummet, if not for the fact Steam seemed to double back in a full half-circle in about three wing flaps, and dive just a bit under her to catch her on his back, and shoot off back to ponyville. He was going a bit slower, but, it was the act itself that was impressive.

He'd start to slow down to a casual flight speed, in order to talk to Rainbow.
"Dash, what was that? Your wings looked ready to lock up! How hard were you pushing yourself?" He'd ask, giving a worried glance to her.
Dash had been massaging near the base of her right wing, and with a defeated sigh, she painfully spoke her admittance.
"I-I may have been pushing myself too hard to keep up with you. By the halfway mark I was running out of breath. Your wings are just... naturally bigger. I was trying my best to keep up, but I couldn't!"

Steam would take a moment to think about this. Once remotely near Ponyville he'd stop and set down on a cloud, and have her move off in order to turn and look at her.
"Dash, you should have said something. I don't want to see you hurt because you got a point to prove. That's just down right... stupid." He'd say, moving to put a hoof on her shoulder. Dash would look up from looking down at the cloud, into his eyes.
"Dash. There's no reason to push everything just to keep your pride. Sometimes your pride is knowing your abilities."

Steam would have continued his speech, if not for a VERY loud scream coming from a road leading away from Ponyville. Almost instantly did Steam flap his wings and shoot off, faster than Rainbow has seen even the Wonderbolts fly!

And then a cone started to form around him.