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Oh just had a thought. I believe some people maybe disliking either as a hater or because they feel the human is a Mary Sue. To correct that here are some examples:
1. He is a bit out of shape because with the armor take the most of the strain from him to build no to some natural muscles so that without it he has some difficulty traversing around for awhile.
2. Phobias (Find some on the net and pick 2 or 3 that are easily relate-able to the reader [Arachnophobia is easily noticed by the community]).
3. When he is really caught by surprise he reacts by screaming like a girl (Pinkie would be one to cause this [With or without Dash pranking him]).

59395 All I can do is act as a muse. I read quite a bit of these fics and I spot a lot of stuff besides the characters that make things easier to understand and make the story more interesting. Also going through the message boards and such to skim through ideas/placing a few of my own (Quite a few authors don't cover things that could end up being a plot-hole to the story if not taken care of early in the chapters).
Now while I am still typing are you going to follow the 6:1 ratio of Females to Males (In some fics the margin is larger). If you do you will have to explain the situation in a way to the reader to explain the overly friendly mares and such but it will have to be in a conversation with another character or two (Hopefully not in a rape situation to your character [that would definitely be a shocker]). And no matter what you still have to have unnamed characters to act as haters to your human (unnamed characters are easier to quickly use and forget [say they are tourists or something]).
Oh are you going to make Lyra an Anthro or leave her a pony with a hand fetish (She could cast an Anthropomorphic spell on herself on and off)?
I am going to get off before I ramble your ear off.

YOU AREA GENIUS!:pinkiehappy:
i never even thought of that
at this rate, i should just ask you to help me write the story

Oh if what I am going to say was already said then just ignore it. If your human's realm has little to no magic in it and he comes to Equestria which is flowing with magic then after a set amount of time he will start developing slightly (All and all it takes time to show [some days, others weeks/months, and finally may even take years {Changes stop when his/her body adjusts to the flow of magic}]).
Here is some examples of changes (Enhanced physical capabilities, Healing faster then norm, being able to perform magic [Not godly magic but Small scale and grows to a certain extent], heightened senses, and possibly other things [Not everything has to happen but it becomes understandable 1 or 2 things occur during his time there]).

59377 The human in Equestria group has several discussions on humans and other message boards. In one of the message board about how certain things humans have that become a natural attraction (In some the smell of human's sweat was discussed as being really nice and vice versa pony sweat to the human).

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